Tis the Season…

…to find a job?

Many professionals may be reluctant to maintain their employment seeking efforts during the holidays.  Most think that they should wait until after the first of the year to really focus on the job search.

This approach could result in missed opportunities.  Just because it’s year-end crunch time in many organizations and a mad dash to the finish of year end with a few holidays and perhaps some vacations thrown in, job seekers shouldn’t let that stand in their way.  In fact, it may work to their advantage.

In other words, hiring doesn’t necessarily take a holiday, so it’s crucial to keep  job search efforts in motion.  Companies have difficulty finding qualified candidates during this season because many candidates do postpone or reduce their efforts until the New Year, so job seekers actually have less competition, and may have better success in landing a position.

This time of year can present some great opportunities — Many companies may need temporary help during year-end since they may have to project deadlines looming, so additional contract positions may be available.   Sometimes headcount and budgets are at stake, and departments may need to meet internal deadlines to get personnel in place now before the countdown begins, and before the ball drops (on the needle in Times Square as well as their budgets.)

Enjoy the holiday season, but don’t let it cloud your job-seeking vision.

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