Something to Think About…

Are You a Bad Boss?

We wanted to share this article on as an awareness-raising piece for those of you who manage people in the workplace.

In a great economy, being a “boss” is difficult enough.  But throw in layoffs, running with a lean staff and other economic pressures, being a boss is tougher than ever.  But it doesn’t mean you need to succumb to the many pressures faced and turn into the big bad boss.

The term “boss” seems to have become a 4-letter word (unfortunately, sometimes for good reason) but it doesn’t have to be.  You have the power to be a good boss.

If you’re reading the article, or happen to catch management professor and author Bob Sutton’s video “Good boss, bad times” and happen to recognize any of the traits mentioned, it’s time to take stock of your position, your professionalism and your conscience and think about how you can motivate your team positively to be successful.

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