How to Leverage Your Staffing Relationship

“They just don’t get it…”

That’s what we’ve been hearing over and over again from our clients and candidates and how frustrating it can be when they work with a staffing agency that isn’t in tune with their needs, and they feel like they’re being treated like a number and are not being heard.

“What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate!”

For a staffing relationship to work for a client, communication is essential in helping you find qualified candidates when you need them most and will streamline your hiring process.    And as a candidate, great communication in your staffing relationship can result in positions available to you and are aligned with your skills and experience.

An agency can be a very crucial piece of the hiring and getting-hired puzzle, and here are a few key tips to ensure the “best fit” when considering a staffing company relationship…

  • Referral – Check with friends – have they had success with a particular agency?
  • Get personal – The agency you choose should be interested in you, talking with you, meeting you in person if geographically possible.
  • Efficiency – The relationship should ultimately streamline the staffing process.  According to American Staffing Association, “efficiency and effectiveness are crucial to your organization’s survival.”
  • Network – Agencies have many professional affiliations and are networking to find positions that you may not ever know about.  Building a relationship allows you to tap into that larger network.
  • Specialization – Be sure you’re working with an agency that fits your industry and is specialized in a particular market.    Generalists are less likely to know the skills needed and opportunities available in your niche.
  • Above all…Communication is key – As in all great relationships, communication is a vital part of establishing and maintaining a healthy relationship.   Communication is a two-way street, however, so just as an agency should communicate effectively with you, they will expect that in return.

An agency that “gets it” will provide you with the level of communication at the level that works best for you.  Each company and each candidate is unique.  Be sure the firm you choose has your uniqueness in mind.

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