Getting Back to Work… What You Can Do to Get Out of the “I Got Laid Off” Cycle

Many people we’re speaking with have expressed frustration and anxiety over how to get their careers back on track after a layoff and not get trapped in the “I got laid off” vortex (because it can be tough to get out):

  • Try to stay positive – You’re not the only one with a lay off story, so rise above it and don’t use the layoff as a lead in to every conversation you have as you network or while on a job interview.
  • Think outside the box – A friend of mine was laid off from an architectural firm as the building industry was one of the hardest hit during the recession.  She saw an opportunity for a creative position in a consumer product company and is still working there today (and loving it!)

Staying focused and positive isn’t always easy, but it can definitely set you apart during the job search process and allow you to get back on track and back to work.

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