Something to Think About – On-the-Job Etiquette

You’ve just been hired for a great temp position.    Well done!  You made quite an impression on your new boss and on your peers during the interview…

But after your initial 3-month engagement, you thought it would be extended, but it hasn’t been.   So what happened?

We’ve talked about etiquette during the job interview, but once you get hired, acting like a professional is still a necessity, and etiquette doesn’t go out the door.

I worked with a very talented designer who enjoyed contract assignments.  He was technically capable, but his lack of etiquette was getting him into trouble.  Long coffee breaks and socializing during inappropriate times (and social networking via Facebook all day) cast him in a not so flattering light.  So when the contract ended, he was not asked to come back.

Working so hard to get a great job can be completely undone if you’re not committed to your professional persona.

So remember…professionalism, good manners, and on-the-job etiquette are just as important (if not more so) after you land that much sought-after job.

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