Why Should We Hire You?…

And other questions you may encounter on the interview

Ah…the difficult interview questions. If you’ve ever been on an interview and have been asked this question, were you fully prepared to answer it? Most of us aren’t.

Navigating an interview for a creative or marketing job and answering questions like “why should we hire you?” can be tough. But with the proper preparation, you can sail through the interview with confidence.

So when you’re asked a tough question, be sure you’re prepared. Step back and think about yourself as a business, or the brand you’re trying to market and the value you can bring to the creative position and the company:

Your Elevator Pitch – Just as a business has one, so should you. Summarize yourself as a professional in a 1-2 minute statement, for example…

“From what you’re describing, it sounds like you’re looking for a self-starter who can come in and get the day-to-day tasks done and meet the weekly deadline. Since I’m well organized and have worked in a similar environment I’d be a good fit. It also sounds like you’re looking for someone to not only get these tasks accomplished but to see the big picture and contribute to the team as a whole. My colleagues and managers will tell you I’m confident and a team player. I can be a positive asset to your team.”

Your Strengths Compared to Their Requirements – Highlight particular strengths or technical requirements that are in alignment with excerpts from the job description – “I’m a team player but can work well independently as needed” “I’m experienced with In Design.” (Your CM Access recruiter can help you with this.)

Why You? Essentially this question is all about what makes you unique but has to apply to what they’re looking for so glean information from the job description to highlight your abilities as they relate to the position…

• “Deadline driven – always on time”
• “Self-starter, can work independently”
• “Team player”
• “Highly motivated”
• “Great attention to detail”

The questions aren’t always easy, and can always differ. A great way to understand more about how to prep for the interview is to work with a CM Access recruiting professional. You’re not in this alone, and we’re happy to help.

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