Recruiting Strategies for Success – (Hint…The Secret is Your Hiring Manager)

As a recruiting professional, you are faced with the challenge of finding the best creative, marketing and interactive professionals. As you (and we) know, it’s not always easy – or we wouldn’t be here writing this blog!

Since we work with our clients closely to find the best creative professionals for their teams, we understand your hiring process on many levels, and even if you have a well-established network of candidates, one can still hit roadblocks which creates frustration for everyone involved.

Fortunately, we here at CMAccess have some great insights we’d like to share with you, to make your hiring experience a positive one (and to possibly garner a fan or two from your hiring managers…)

• Get to Know Your Hiring Manager – The relationship between the hiring manager and the recruiter is an essential piece of the hiring puzzle, and we find that our most successful clients have teams that work well together. Knowing your creative hiring manager can help guide your search towards the talent who will work best both technically and culturally. Through communication, defined roles and commitment, you and your hiring manager can form a winning team!

• Understand the Need – A creative group can have an influx of projects (great problem to have, but not so great when they don’t have the staff) and finding that top-notch designer, copywriter, or hands-on art director is crucial. Furthermore, what if there is an influx of work that occurs and you need to not only find these great creatives, but only need them onboard temporarily? Again, working with your hiring manager allows you to understand their needs and the level of urgency of the hire.

• Consult with Your Staffing Peers – (ok…we’re inserting a bit of shameless self-promotion) – But we are here to help; and since we’re staffing professionals who are also creatives, we are an agency that “gets it.” We have our finger on the pulse of what’s happening in your industry, market trends and, of course, the creative talent. We understand the hire from all angles (recruiting, hiring manager, and candidate), so we can help you overcome any challenges and connect you with the best talent in the business (and hiring managers will applaud you as a result.)

So if you’re ready to hire, we’re here to help (and possibly make you look like a rock star in the process!)

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