The Graduate…

“One Word…’Plastics’”

Benjamin Braddock (played by Dustin Hoffman) in the 1967 movie, “The Graduate” was a little confused by some advice given to him by his parents’ friend. Talking to your parents and their friends’ poolside this summer can be fun, but you need to take charge of your future and take a few necessary steps to building your career.

Once you put away your cap and gown and are officially a recent grad, how will you plan to map out your future in a creative, marketing or interactive role?

• Resume – Be sure to update your resume with any internships and job experience

• Networking – Add LinkedIn to your Twitter and Facebook social media sites (and be sure to clean up your photos and posts for any unsavory activities that hiring managers will be viewing)

• Professional Associations – Also consider joining associations relevant to your area of interest and find upcoming meetings or events which are great places to network

• Temporary Positions – Consider using contract or temp work as not only a means of income but as a great way to gain experience. Creative contract work is an ideal entry into an agency or corporate setting and allows you to build your resume and portfolio.

Congratulations, graduate!

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