“What Not to Wear…”

You may have talent, you may have a superb resume and portfolio, but if how you dress, or present your “brand” isn’t appropriate, it can hurt your chances of landing the creative position for which you’re interviewing.

First impressions are usually the most important, so how you dress can have a significant impact on the interview:

• Wear a Suit – You won’t lose the job for overdressing (provided it’s not Lady Gaga overdressing) but you can hurt your chances if you under dress and present yourself as too casual. Business attire is always “in” for a job interview regardless of the company or position.

• Grooming – Appearing like you just rolled out of bed is a big “don’t”

• Wild Hair and Nails – You’re not heading out for fun on a Friday night, you’re going to a job interview, so keep that in mind

• Noisy accessories – The interviewer shouldn’t be able to hear you coming before you can be seen

All of the above holds true once you get the job. Until the company provides you with insight into their culture and what is acceptable and what’s not, it’s best to continue with business attire for follow up interviews, meetings, and first days on the job until given permission to dress otherwise.

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