Good News for Boston…

According to a recent ranking in, Boston is one of the top 10 cities noted as “The Best Cities for Finding Employment”.  That’s good news…

 But as a job seeker, are you seeing the direct benefits of this?

We are continually monitoring the latest news and studies regarding current unemployment rates and how they’re declining — AIGA recently reported that design leaders are “remaining optimistic about 2011.”

So what’s really happening in one of the top 10 cities?

What we’re seeing is an increased confidence from hiring companies.  We talk with clients every day who are optimistically gearing up to hire or actively hiring.   The Wall Street Journal’s recent article summed it up by stating that even though the jobless rates are dropping “many states still have daunting levels of joblessness to overcome.”

While organizations are getting back to business instead of waiting and watching, increased enthusiasm in hiring is still being executed with caution, so that means it’s still a highly-competitive landscape for those seeking jobs.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, to remain competitive in the market, you’ll need to do your homework…

  • Have your “brand” defined and developed – who are you, what can you offer vs. your creative peers
  • An impeccable resume and portfolio (goes without saying)
  • Kick up the professionalism before, during and after job interviews…ranging from cleaning up your social media act to dressing appropriately for the interview

Good news for Boston could mean good news for your career!

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