#4 – The Phone Interview – Getting (and Making) a First Impression

So you have a pile of resumes that seem to meet your criteria…now what?

The next step in the hiring process of marketing, creative and interactive staff is the phone interview or phone screen.  Not only is it a great way to get a preview of each candidate’s personality, but it can also provide a rapport building opportunity in advance of the first meeting.  Need to freshen up on your phone etiquette?  Just follow these tips and become a phone interview pro!

  • Schedule a specific time with clear instructions of when you’ll be calling the candidate
  • Review and organize the job description, as well as the candidate’s resume and portfolio prior to the conversation so you have everything in front of you
  • Prepare your questions and be sure to use the same format for each candidate so you’re comparing the same qualification criteria
  • Introduce yourself and provide a brief overview of the company and position to start (you’re promoting yourself and your company just as much as the candidate is trying to impress you, so keep this in mind…you don’t want to be a “Miranda Priestly” and scare off a potentially great hire!)
  • Listen attentively and take detailed notes
  • Conclude the call by thanking the candidate and letting them know what the next steps are in the interview process

Stay Tuned for Tip #5

Miss Tip #3?

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