#5 – The Interview

You’ve reviewed the resumes and portfolios, completed the phone screens, and now it’s time to start scheduling face-to-face meetings with the marketing, creative and interactive candidates you believe are qualified for the job.

So how do you conduct a successful interview?  Just follow the tips below on what to do, but before that, take a look at this video clip (courtesy of Miranda) of what NOT to do.  You’ll thank us… The Interview from Hell. 

  • Be prepared – Review the candidate’s resume once again and keep it in front of you.
  • Manage the time – Have an agenda and schedule for each interview.  Be sure to provide them to any team members participating in the process as well.
  • Set the tone – After introducing yourself and thanking the candidate for coming in, be sure to explain the interview process and provide a brief overview of the company and the position.
  • Actively listen – And take good notes.
  • Observe – In addition to listening, observe the candidate’s body language and how they present themselves.
  • Steer clear of inappropriate questions – Be sure you understand best hiring practices and avoid questions that are inappropriate or even illegal.
  • Sell the position – Be sure to present the position, your company and what you have to offer in a positive light.

Stay Tuned for Tip #6

Miss Tip #4?

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