#7 – The Cost of a Bad Hire

“I absolutely have no idea why Miranda hired her.” Emily discussing the new hire, Andy in The Devil Wears Prada.

As a hiring manager, if you have the same thoughts as Emily did about Andy, then you may have hired the wrong marketing, creative or interactive person for the job.  Hiring the wrong person can affect not only your organization’s bottom line, but your team’s morale and productivity as well.  In fact, the average hiring mistake can cost up to three-times the annual salary of the position, considering the cost of termination, cost of replacement, and loss of productivity during training and learning curve.  Taking steps to ensure that you’re on track to hire the right person is key to prevent a bad decision, so be sure to…

  • Ask detailed questions during the interview process and listen for insight into why someone says they’re “dependable” or “a team player”.  Always ask for examples to support their statements.
  • Interview, interview, interview – The phone screen, a first interview and then bringing the top candidates back in for a final, or second interview to interact with other team members and see the candidate in your setting is crucial.
  • Check References – Be sure you get at least three references.  Former managers, co-workers, and customers are good choices.  For the more junior positions, college professors are good as well.
  • Be sure you have the right candidate for the right job – you may interview someone and think that they “could” be a good fit for the position, but may lack some of the technical skills or experience.  Staying focused on the job description can help you stay on track.

Miss Tip #6

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3 responses to “#7 – The Cost of a Bad Hire

  1. The best way to prevent from hiring the wrong person is using an assessment tool called Role Based Assessment. With 35 years of science behind it, this tool effectively measures an individual’s ability to team in an organization. It’s not all about the talent, it’s equally important that “talent” fits into the “team”. Failure to adequately “team” ruins organizations.

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