Google Please Hire Him

Meet the man who is taking social media job searching to new heights – for better or for worse

A few weeks ago, product marketer and digital strategist Matthew Epstein launched a personal social media campaign in the hopes of landing a job at Google.  His website, Google Please Hire Me contains a host of quirky anecdotes and parodies – i.e. The Top 10 Reasons Why Google Should Hire Me (David Letterman stye) and Charlie Sheen comparisons to name a few.  But the eccentricity that takes the cake is his four-minute long video resume.  In the video, Epstein wears a fake mustache, sips scotch and pitches to Google to view his written resume.

Think it’s a spoof?  Hold that thought.

Not only has the video, which is chock full of witty banter, garnered more than 400,000 views and scored attention from the press, but Google has also caught wind of it.  According to his twitter account, Epstein revealed that he had a call with Google and it “went smashingly!”

Still think it’s a spoof?

To his credit, Epstein knows his quest to land his dream job is far from over.  He recently mentioned on his blog, Landing a Job at Google:  Matthew Epstein’s Journey that he has several marketing and PR initiatives scheduled over the next 21 days.

Will his social media campaign fall short of its intended goal?

Only time will well.  But no matter the outcome, Matthew Epstein’s creativity, enthusiasm and passion should serve as a reminder to us.  As creative professionals, sometimes we need to push the creative boundaries to find a solution – for better or for worse.

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