The Creative Athlete

Not feeling so creative today?  Well that could be a problem…

Creatives are like athletes…when you’re on, you’re in great shape, and have amazing ideas that translate to amazing designs that your team and your clients love!

But when your game is off, it can be painful, and you can’t seem to get out of your own way.  We’ve all experienced “designer’s block” when you just can’t create something that “wows.”  And this feeling of walking through wet cement usually hits at the worst times (the deadline, the new consulting gig, etc.)

In addition to on-the-job designer’s block, creatives who haven’t flexed their design muscles for awhile (either being out of work or in a position where they’re not challenged) can get pretty out of shape.   I ran across an interesting article in Smashing Magazine that discussed designing something every day as a way to boost your design skills.  It made me think back to my high school art teacher who insisted that we do thumbnail sketches every single day to keep our drawing skills “in shape,” and she was right…it really did work to help me stay creatively fit and inspired.

Another way to get some inspiration is surfing (the web that is…or hanging ten is cool too!)  Just as the pros check out the opposing team to sharpen their game day skills, creatives need to check other creatives’ work and websites they admire to get some fresh perspective.

In fact, you can start this weekend at National Portfolio Day

(yes, it’s a real thing), and it’s happening on Sunday, October 30th

So as a creative, what’s your approach to staying in design shape and kicking that designer’s block to the curb?

One response to “The Creative Athlete

  1. jackiesayevich

    I like to join graphic design and creative professional meetup groups. Surrounding myself with other creative people keeps me on my toes. Great tip on joining – I love that site!

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