Pizza is a Vegetable (and Other Misconceptions)

Thanks to Kermit and Seth, we now know that pizza is not a vegetable – Really!?…Really!

Funny, you would think the whole “pizza-not-being-a-vegetable” discussion would be a common sense issue, but as you heard, apparently it’s not so clear cut to everyone. Since it appears common sense topics may not be as obvious to some, we’d like to review a few of the top mistakes and misconceptions that can hurt your chances for getting the interview and the job.

We hope you already know better, but if not, then this is for you…

 “Spell check is just as good as proofreading” – We love spell check, but don’t rely solely on the tool or you may be in for an unpleasant surprise! Remember “there” and “their” are spelled correctly, but using them in the wrong manner makes you look a little foolish (like those who feel the sauce on pizza makes the meal a vegetable, perhaps?)

“It doesn’t matter how I dress for an interview” – Come on, you’re not going out on a Friday night with friends or going to the gym.  It’s an interview for a job, so show them you’re serious.

No one will look at my Facebook page (or read my Tweets or view my YouTube videos from college) – Really?  Think again.  Come on folks, we’ve said it before, do we really need to say it again?  If you don’t want a potential employer seeing it, then do not post it on the Internet!

“I am proficient in (insert technology or skill here)” – Don’t overstate your actual talents or experience.  It can be a very embarrassing situation for you and can tarnish your reputation. If you claim to be a Photoshop pro then you had better be, or things could be embarrassing when you’re put to the test.  Honesty is always the best policy (yes, really!)

“I’m too busy to do any networking” – Hmmm, your current career and your future career can be greatly influenced by your ability to stay connected.  Networking is not only a great way to stay in touch with colleagues and peers, but to meet new ones.  It’s also a great way to share ideas and compare notes on the latest industry trends. With sites like LinkedIn, networking is at your fingertips.

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