2012 Predictions – Skills for 2012 and Beyond

Part Two of Our Three-Part Series…

In 2011, we saw trends emerge in regards to what hiring companies were seeking in their candidates and employees.

According to CMAccess Director Kristin Zwickau, “We were seeing requirements for not only core creative and design skills but also the need for those skills to be coupled with strong business acumen.”

This combination of “left-brain/right-brain” skills were 2011’s “nice to haves,” which we predict will become 2012’s “must haves.”

Right Brain…

  • Web Design – Graphic designers need to have a basic understanding of web design including HTML, CSS and overall web design standards.
  • Social Media Marketing – Not only is this essential to promote yourself and your brand, but also your employer’s.  Social media is here to stay and is being utilized more now than ever.  If you’re not into Tweeting, then you may be viewed as someone who isn’t willing to grow or change.
  •  Mobile – If you haven’t heard, mobile is a pretty big thing.  Whether you’re designing a website, email, or application, understanding mobile design is essential for communicating in our mobile society.
  • Print – Print isn’t dead, my friends.  Clients still have the need for creative talent who understand the print side of design and production.


  • Time Management – 2012 is the time to refine your processes to ensure you’re working in the most effective way and managing your time for greater efficiency.
  • Communication – Communication is vital to any career.  If you can’t communicate effectively, you will not be the first choice for the position.  Communication not only helps you land that dream role, but will enable you to be successful once it’s yours.  The ability to articulate your creative ideas and concepts both to peers and clients is crucial to your success.
  • Networking – In person and via social media, networking is key.  Keep in touch with industry associations and groups for upcoming networking events or take advantage of social media to create your own informal networking events with peers and colleagues.
  • Adaptability  – Some organizations have reorganized their teams and open positions may often call for someone to take on a hybrid or dual role. Employers are looking for talent who can adapt to their changing team landscape.

Take a few moments to see if your skills are 2012 market-ready, and if not, there’s still time to take action.  (You can thank us later!)

Stay Tuned for Our Final Installment – “Job Predictions for 2012”

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