2012 Job Predictions

As we wrap up our 2012 Predictions Series, we’re sharing great news – creative, marketing and interactive jobs are expected to grow this year.

It’s no secret that the job market has changed due to economic challenges.  As brands and companies fight to gain market share, the demand for marketing skills has become more crucial than ever.

This highly-competitive landscape paired with our 24/7 information-laden society is a combination that has driven certain positions to rise to the top.

After closely watching trends emerge in 2011, we predict that certain positions in particular will gain more popularity in 2012 including…

  • Mobile Designers – As we’ve said before, mobile markets are hot!  Basically everyone has a mobile device in hand, so as the use of mobile devices increase, so does the demand for mobile designers and marketers.
  • SEO/SEM Specialists – The ability to optimize an organization’s web presence and strategies is more critical than ever.
  • UX Design – Online interaction isn’t going away, and demand for UX Design positions will be high.  Effectively creating positive online and digital experiences will play a major role in a company’s creative team and overall success.
  • Entry-Level Marketing –Good news for recent grads (unless you’re trying to convince your parents to foot the bill for a cross-country trip or a ski-bum lifestyle for awhile) 2012 is predicted to be a better job market not just for experienced positions but also for entry-level positions.
  • Marketing Positions (with Healthcare Experience) – Marketing expertise relative to the healthcare market will be crucial to helping hospitals and the healthcare industry in general to stay in the game in this highly-competitive landscape.

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