Are You Caught in a Social Media Loop?

Leveraging social media to communicate your brand is pretty much a standard for marketing and creative professionals in 2012.  It’s an effective and innovative way to reach peers, prospects and clients.   However, just like all great things, there’s a downside — if social media is used inefficiently, it can spin out of control pretty quickly.

Since we’re constantly plugged in at home, in the car, at work, in the check-out line…not only what we say on our social media channels is important, but also the level of effort it takes to manage it. It’s important to consider not only what we’re creating, but also what we’re consuming.

So instead of getting overwhelmed by social media, we’d like to share some key tips on how to more effectively manage your habits and ensure best practices for efficiency and effectiveness so you don’t end up in a technology loop like Fred from Portlandia.

  • Get Organized – Map out which sites you’re a member of, if you’re currently active, passwords, etc., to ensure you know where you’ve been and see which social media profiles you’d like to continue to maintain
  • Choose What Works – Depending on your company’s culture and your role, certain social media sites are vital to day-to-day business.  Prioritize and choose the ones that are essential for you to keep.
  • Consolidate Activity – Managing the time you actually spend updating various social media outlets can be time consuming, and before you know it your deadline is looming.   Setting aside certain times of the day or grouping activities will help you stay on track.

So get to it! Boost your brand by becoming a social media efficiency master!

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