Spring Training for Your Career – Add a Recruiter to Your Team for a Winning Position!

Even if you’re not looking to pitch for the Red Sox, finding the ideal position to match your talents, career goals and desired salary is a full-time job.  Anyone who’s searched for a job knows what we’re talking about. When that ideal position presents itself at a hiring company, you have a short period of time to get in there and show what you have to offer. Having a perfectly crafted resume and portfolio is not enough – you first need to be able to get in front of the hiring manager so they take notice, making timing essential.

There’s no reason to be a free agent in your quest for the ideal position. Teaming up with a professional recruiter raises your job searching power and increases your networking abilities, so you’re not alone in your career planning and efforts.  Career advocates like the CM Access recruiting bench have deep industry expertise and wide-ranging contacts, which will get you in front of the right hiring managers at the right time. Your network will increase significantly – you’ll be casting a wider, and smarter, net by tapping into your recruiter’s networks and resources.

Jason DeVito, CM Access Recruiting Manager comments, “We work with creative hiring managers all day, every day. We’re constantly meeting, networking and building relationships with the area’s best hiring managers and companies.  We are an active part of the industry and understand the skills and qualities our clients are looking for to fill their positions. When a candidate partners with us, they can be assured we’re utilizing our industry knowledge and network to find their ideal position.”

Understand that all recruiters and agencies are not created equally, and a team-jumping rookie won’t yield the same results as a specialized pro. As a creative professional, your career advocate should be a part of a specialized creative placement firm – those who eat, sleep and breathe – the creative, interactive and marketing world.

Add CM Access to your job search team and you’ll hit a grand slam in no time!

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