The Jedi Mind Tricks of a Magnetic Personality

Have you worked with someone who exudes confidence – but just the right amount?  You find yourself drawn to that person and it’s a pleasure to collaborate with or take direction from them.

These magnetic people are utilizing the power of charisma, a social skill learned very early in life, according to Olivia Fox Cabane, author of The Charisma Myth: How Anyone Can Master the Art and Science of Personal Magnetism. Think you lack charisma and are out of luck? Cabane proposes that through Jedi mind tricks, like visualization, you can bolster your charismatic mind and enhance your level of charisma. Even better, there are four major “types” of charisma – focus, authority, visionary and kindness – and you can harness the right balance of each to help you in your job search and career.

Check out these ideas on charisma in a recently published Fast Company article, which touches on how personal magnetism can help and hurt you at work, and in looking for a creative job. Also find out which type of charisma you should exercise for a creative brainstorming session!

Do you believe Jedi mind tricks can help heighten your charisma? We’re not sure, but channeling your inner Luke Skywalker can’t hurt!

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