Resume Embellishing: White Lies Lead to the Pink Slip

It’s no secret it’s a competitive job market out there, but don’t let that lure you into stretching the truth!

It’s tempting to boast or embellish the facts…but when it comes to your career credentials, a degree in computer science is not a degree in accounting, and the details matter – just ask Yahoo’s former CEO Scott Thompson. While Thompson was arguably qualified for his position, he led eBay’s PayPal unit, his résumé discrepancy left many questioning his credibility and he resigned after an onslaught of negative press.

While you want to market yourself to employers in the best possible light, your resume shouldn’t be folklore. It’s not recapping that fishing trip where you tell the tale of the “one that got away.” Sure, a little white lie in that context can be amusing and harmless. Stretching the truth on a resume is another story, one that may not have a happy ending.

With the advent of the web, information is everywhere and easily obtainable. Education and work history are just a quick Google search away for employers to uncover. So why would anyone ever dare to take liberty with stretching the truth?  This is a question we hope you’ll never have to face on a job interview.

If you’re tempted to “enhance” your background or skills because you feel your experience isn’t what an employer is seeking, it’s time to ask yourself some bigger questions.

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