3 Things You Should Do to Not Get the Job…

If you don’t want to land your dream job, pay attention.  We have three tips to ensure you won’t be getting that next great opportunity and what could potentially be the best job ever:

  1. Exude Overconfidence – Give your prospective employer a good dose of you… only to the 100th power.  Be sure you talk only about yourself; don’t ask questions that relate to the position and the company.  Pepper the conversation with words like “guru,” “super-creative,” and more!  You’ll have them escorting you to the parking lot in no time!
  2. Dress Like You’re Grooming Your Dog – To be disqualified from the pool of candidates, just roll out of bed, throw on the outfit that’s hanging on the treadmill next to your bed and – Voilà! You’re interview ready.  Not dressing professionally and appropriately for the company’s culture is a must for anyone who’s not ready for a new career.  (Psst…You may not even make it past the reception desk with this one!)
  3. Be Completely Unprepared – Resume?  Portfolio?  Bah, who needs them?   If you want to completely botch your chances of a promising future, go ahead and fill in the blanks of your resume in pen. (Bonus points if you’re in the lobby right before your interview.) Be sure to exclude any relevant and competitive skills. To really seal the deal, leave out your portfolio pieces that showcase the exact skills they were looking for.

Of course, these are only a few things you can do to sabotage your chances of getting the next great gig. If you’re serious about real interview advice on landing your dream job, give CM Access a call – we’ll point you in the right direction!

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