Talent Spotlight! – Experienced Experiential Designer Brian

Brian is a talented and versatile Experiential Designer with the creative ability to shift gears from 2D to 3D design with ease. He’s honed his design and professional approach while working in several design studios, and just finished an assignment with CM Access at an agency client as an Experience Designer. In this role he utilized 3D programs for big brand clients in multiple sectors, and enjoyed the collaboration of the 3D design team. Brian is process oriented and loves working through each step from brainstorming to the design “construction” process.

Building with Legos and Lincoln Logs as a child, Brian’s passion for design and understanding of spatial relationships developed at an early age. He discovered his interest in 3D design during his first digital 3D design class – and went on to crash the Strata 3D program several times while attempting to model Shea Stadium. He hasn’t looked back since and has an impressive portfolio to show for it.

Brian’s skills range from developing dynamic branding and marketing solutions to illustrating and rendering mobile marketing and interactive user experiences. Prior to working with CM Access, he created promotional vehicles and event experiences including rendering high-quality 3D images that incorporate graphics and CAD files for in-house fabrication. Brian particularly enjoyed working as a lead designer on a 26’ custom fiberglass peanut vehicle for Planters’ Peanuts, which was used in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Spurred by a love of sports branding, Brian founded a sports branding and media design studio, enabling him to build years of experience in sports apparel and logo design for both college and professional organizations. His impressive client roster includes teams in the New England Collegiate Baseball League, the Midwest Collegiate League and the Cal Ripken Collegiate Baseball League. His studio work has given him the opportunity to design special event and All-Star game logos, team branding, marketing materials and souvenir apparel in addition to mascot/character design and development.

Brian is an innovative, detail-oriented designer and creative thinker. He thrives in roles that challenge him to use conceptualization and problem solving skills, and prefers going to bed thinking about how he can best execute his next design. If you have a role that will keep a talented designer like Brian up at night, give CM Access a call today.

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