Meet the Team – Jeanine Chandler

Jeanine’s no new-comer to the creative world. With eight years of print design and production placement under her belt, she expanded into interactive and marketing recruitment. She develops strong relationships with clients and talent and enjoys access to an extensive network of professionals. Jeanine’s focus at CM Access is helping to grow the creative and marketing business. She seeks out and identifies interesting opportunities for creative professionals in the New England market. Jeanine is constantly on the lookout to add skilled creative and marketing professionals to her pool of talent. To Jeanine, it is not about putting a person in a seat, it’s about finding the ideal fit for both the client and talent. She wholeheartedly believes, “The greatest success is when you see and hear our talent’s excitement in getting the role that they really wanted. That truly makes it worth it.”

It’s not just business, it’s personal… Jeanine is the mom of two girls who balances work and family time.  She enjoys reading a good book or being outside with her family.  Her ideal day would be spent at the beach!

Ready for your next great gig?  Connect with Jeanine now!

7 responses to “Meet the Team – Jeanine Chandler

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  7. Christy Briggs-Peters

    Thinking of you tonight, Jeanine. My thoughts are with you, your family and the fine people of Boston. Hope you and your loved ones are safe.
    Christy (your old Toronto friend from Aquent)

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