Meet the Team – Diana Lopez

Diana Lopez, Sr. Divisional Administrator, CM Access

Passionate about helping others, Diana started her career in human resources and was drawn into staffing. She loves the experience of meeting new people and getting to know them, and is hooked by the excitement they feel when offered a position. Diana is detailed-oriented, with nearly 15 years of experience behind her. Administrative and staffing expertise help provide flawless service to consultants and clients. Benefits, payroll, on boarding, customer service and training are a few of the areas she handles. Diana loves helping talent obtain opportunities to let their skills shine. CM Access’s boutique approach encourages her to think outside the box and she relishes seeing her projects grow. She welcomes a challenge and is always eager to expand her knowledge.

On the personal side, Diana is new to the Boston area but loves the city as it’s reminiscent of her hometown Washington, D.C.. She loves to dance – salsa is her favorite! When she’s not with family, she enjoys cooking classes, wine tasting and relaxing at the beach.

Connect with Diana here! Did you miss Jeanine, Amie or Lisa??

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