Don’t Be Haunted by a Bad Hire

Remember Halloween as a kid? Dressed in your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle or Spice Girl costume, hoping you’d get loads of candy and that some ghoulish monster wouldn’t scare you out of your Skechers…Pretty scary, right?

What’s even scarier is making the wrong hiring decision, and it’s one that will haunt you.

Making the wrong hiring decision can be costly.  In fact, a bad hire can cost your company more than $50,000. The simple cost factor alone is enough to lose sleep over, but combine it with disrupting your team and workflow and you have the makings of a good horror movie.

Avoid these haunting mistakes to help find the best candidate for your team and culture:

  • The Time Crunch – Don’t be pressured to quickly fill an open position without properly vetting all candidates.  If you need help while searching for the ideal match, a temp or contract hire is a great way to get the work done.
  • Not Checking References –Checking references provides insider insight into your potential hires and should always be a part of your hiring process.
  • The Job Description – Not focusing on the actual job description can lead you to a flood of candidates with mismatched experience and skill sets.  Be sure you have specific requirements laid out.

These are just a few points to help you avoid a scary hire.  For more hiring insight, contact us at CM Access to learn how you can find the best talent for your needs.

After all, hiring a great team member should be a “treat” and never a “trick!”

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