Serial multitasker? Not so fast

You’re probably accustomed to working on many projects at once, while also tweeting, texting and rocking out to your favorite Spotify playlist. There’s never enough time in the day for all that you want to design, write and accomplish, and Multi-tasker has practically become your middle name.

Wait, slow down – unless you’re one of the elite 2% considered “super taskers,” research suggests you’re doing more harm than good. The other 98% lower their IQ by 10 points, lose two hours a day to interruptions, and suffer from distractions every 10 minutes.

In a humorous TED Talk, designer Paolo Cardini makes the case for monotasking versus multitasking and challenges, “Just how efficient is multitasking?”

We love Cardini’s conclusion and wise words of advice, “Find your monotask spot within the multitasking world.”

What do you think?

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