The Freelancing Act

tightropeFreelancing and contract work is gaining momentum in the US workforce, as a recent survey indicates 65 million people will choose to freelance by 2020, a significant increase from the estimated 16 million workers currently freelancing.  Great news for creatives:  According to a recent Forbes article, The Best Freelance Careers, the top 10 best freelance positions include web design, marketing, graphic design, social media, and writing.

Contract employment provides the opportunity to gain experience with a variety of clients and projects, enabling professionals to broaden and develop their skill sets.  These positions typically allow greater flexibility than a traditional 9-5, many offering telecommuting options. Becoming a contract or temporary hire can be a long-term career lifestyle, a great way to gain experience, enhance work/life balance or explore a job before being taken on as a permanent hire.

Feel like freelancing is like working without the “safety net” of a structured permanent position? Remember that you don’t have to go it alone – have a plan, do  your research, and be sure to discuss your options with our Career Advocates here at CM Access who work with creative freelancers and the companies who hire them every day!

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