Oat // Island Creek Oyster Bar

There’s a great creative scene in Boston. We’ve got clever, fun-loving people who know how to design, and hey, we all love our restaurants. Somerville-based Oat is probably the best example of a team who has mastered the art of the restaurant identity. This week, we’ll go over their work for Island Creek Oyster Bar.


Boston Magazine has a great series called Behind the Design, where they get into the inspiration and process leading up to a final design, and their post about Oat revealed their very thorough questionnaire and initial meeting. There they discuss the aesthetic of the restaurant, leading Oat to create inspiration boards to assure they’re on the same page.




The inspiration for ICOB circulated around the historic New England fishing and shipping industry, the nautical aesthetic dictating the direction they took. So take a look at the final product:




icob_coasters2 icob_bc

With paper variations and textural components having such a heavy hand in the identity, you might wonder how it would translate to the web, and they did a phenomenal job.

icob_web1 icob_web2

The final pieces are best described by Oat itself:

Our approach to the identity, print collateral and web strategy combines the texture and function, executed as a fictional collection of artifacts handled on an oyster farm. Manuals, dockets, oyster tags, registers and job jackets evoke the ordered chaos of farm life.

Stay tuned for next week’s creative exploration of one of our favorite restaurants, Saloon.

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