Places that Work // Mattson Creative




champ_164_854 champ_combo_02_854

champ_166_854 tys_office_028_854 tys_office_054_854

tys_office_3240_854Mattson Creative has some stellar work. The best part is that we don’t even need to show you this work for you to understand, because look at their flipping workspace! You know good stuff is coming out of an environment like this.

A former lima bean factory-turned studio, the space is what I would call the perfect combination of contemporary and vintage. There are clean lines and sharp color contrasts, useful for a visually organized workspace, but they’ve also maintained a warm, homey feeling with lots of wood accents.

Mattson Creative is part of SND CYN Studios, a collaborative workspace for creative professionals, located in Southern California. Based on the community, the location, and the comfort level of their workspace, I imagine they spend just as much time hanging out in this space as they do working in it (and that looks to be the case).

You want to see more pictures, I’m sure: here and here.

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