Places That Work // Twitter

Twitter is all grown up. Last year it expanded from it’s humble start-up beginnings to a larger, 215,000 square foot space in San Francisco’s Mid Market district. Though one of busiest, most updated and constantly buzzing of the social media sites (the average life of a tweet is 2 minutes), their office is a blank canvas complete with small quirks that make it, well Twitter headquarters.

A little bit of a contrast from our last two spotlighted workplaces, the space is sophisticated and playful, while maintaining a sleekness to reflect their young company’s adulthood. With a visually uncluttered office, employees are free to spend time getting lost in their own Twitter-y brains. There’s lots of open space to collaborate, have meetings over lunch in the cafeteria (Called “@birdfeeder.” Clever.) or play corn hole on the roof deck.

twitter_headquarters_cafeteria twitter_office_roof_deck twitter_headquarters_workspace







Apparently Twitter’s big move to this previously gritty  area of San Francisco prompted several other companies to do the same, reviving the neighborhood into an area the city has renamed Central Market. With over 1,000 employees, it sounds like Twitter will soon have a fantastic office AND great neighbors.

Image credits: one, two, three

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