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We’re Getting a New Look!

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know us. You know what we’re like, you know where our skill set lies, and you know, most importantly, that we value knowing you above all else. When candidates come to us seeking guidance for their next career move, we talk to them, find out where they’d like to be in the future, and are very thorough about finding the perfect match, career-wise. We heavily invest ourselves in your future, so it’s understandable that maybe our own website took a lower spot on the priority list, right?

And this is the fun part. CM Access is getting a new look! We’ve been developing a new identity and website to go along with it for several months, and we’re getting pretty psyched that the launch is coming up.

But we don’t want to spoil it before you see it. We’ll go over the redesign in the next couple posts, but to get you amped up, we thought we’d take another glance at some of the biggest redesigns you might have heard about recently! First up: TGI Fridays.

TGI Friday logo redseign

The original logo held its place since 1965, and though the company clung to its Tuscan inspiration for a redesign in 2004, things needed more of a change when they took a second look last year.

The name of the game? Simplify, simplify, simplify (they even removed the periods between T, G, and I). This seems to be a common theme among many companies today. While original logos were intended for brick-and-mortar restaurants and printed paper menus, today’s need to apply to web sites, apps, emails, animations, etc. etc. etc. Another relevant piece of information to consider is the worldwide span of the company. With over 900 locations in more than 60 countries, Fridays’ interior design took a small departure from the Americana antique kitsch it had clung to for decades, in search of a more contemporary casual dining experience.

TGI_Fridays_Interior_04 TGI_Fridays_Interior_02 TGI_Fridays_Interior_01

TGI Fridays did a great job of improving their look and public perception of their business, while not abandoning their roots entirely. They kept the red and white stripes, but left the detailed shape behind. They stuck with a few vintage items in the restaurant, but organized them on a framed wall. A brand redesign is a great opportunity to evaluate whether all of your past aesthetic and functional choices are effective, and designing with intention is the best process to go through in order to succeed.

We went through it, too. Can’t wait for you all to see the new and improved CM Access!

CM Access is growing!

We’re excited to introduce the newest members of our growing team: Kevin Barry and David Fernandez. Joining us as Account Executives, both Kevin and David are strong believers in the CM Access philosophy that great work comes from great relationships. They’re looking forward to working with you to find the perfect fit for your creative, marketing and interactive needs.

Kevin Barry
Kevin_barryKevin is a driven sales professional whose upbeat, positive personality draws you in. Building relationships is his specialty and he’s excited to put his talent to work connecting clients with just the right candidates. Kevin is passionate about growing his clients’ businesses and has eight years of experience working with professionals at all levels. Kevin has a B.S. in Marketing.

Not just business, it’s personal… I play golf, hockey and fish, and enjoy cooking something weird I’ve never eaten before. A fun fact about me is that I’m the only person I know who has never been pulled over while driving a car. Must be luck!

 David Fernandez 
david_fernandezDavid’s rapport building and passion for the arts make him a perfect fit for the CM Access team. His interest in recruitment began in college while working in Alumni Relations, where he honed his outreach and relationship building skills. During a stint in an art gallery, David developed his eye for creativity. When David experienced the “CM Access difference” during his own job hunt, he knew that it was the perfect place to put his skills and interests to use, helping clients and talent succeed. David has a B.S. in Philosophy and History.

Not just business, it’s personal… I’m interested in many things including the arts, philosophy and sports. I’m an avid basketball and tennis player, and full time supporter of Detroit sports. Go Pistons!

Meet the Team – Kristen Ritter

With six years of experience in the marketing industry, a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and MBA in Marketing, Kristen is an industry savvy professional. While new to staffing and recruitment, the transition has been seamless thanks to Kristen’s passion for problem solving, client satisfaction and networking. Her zeal for marketing doesn’t stop when she leaves the office, she works on building her personal brand through a number of social channels and is  on top of the latest trends and technologies. Kristen is eager to put her experience and expertise to use, and help lead the Interactive business at CM Access.

Kristen loves running, getting together with friends and family, as well as traveling and exploring new cultures. She’s been to 13 countries and is planning on crossing off three more in 2013!

Connect with Kristen on LinkedIn now….and follow her on Twitter!

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Happy Thanksgiving from CM Access

At CM Access, we’re thankful for awesome clients like you! To give thanks, we’re donating our time and support to Horizons for Homeless Children to improve the lives of young homeless children and their families.

Check out 11 reasons we’re proud to sponsor Horizons for Homeless Children this year.

From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving! 

Meet the Team – Ryan Krivonick

Ryan is a new edition to the CM Access team, bringing fresh passion for the staffing and recruitment industry. He was drawn to the profession by the intrinsic value of helping people find jobs and is eager to make a positive difference in the lives of CM Access talent.  He appreciates their drive to be successful and the ability to create impressive pieces. Ryan values the boutique approach of CM Access, he loves getting to know talent on a first name basis and sharing successes with the entire CMA team.

In his spare time, Ryan can be found playing with his new puppy (Buddy), biking and playing tennis. He also enjoys spending time with friends and traveling.

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Meet the Team – Kristin Motta Zwickau

Kristin is passionate about people. As Director of CM Access, she loves leading her team’s success, as well as that of clients and candidates. Committed to what’s best for the people she works with, no one is treated as a commodity. Kristin is fascinated by learning about the twists and turns in people’s career paths, leading them to where they are today.

Kristin embraces a customized, personal approach to building partnerships. She began her career in sales as an account executive for a boutique graphic arts representation agency. Her dedication to providing top-notch service to clients built the company’s reputation and doubled its revenue and size during her tenure. In 1996 Kristin’s entrepreneurial drive led her to co-found CM Access with Inga Wennik (then Wennik&Motta). Kristin attributes her drive to a career in sales, which shaped her carpe diem attitude toward business. Her approach to sales, which she applies to running a business, is the belief that, “The greatest risk is not acting on your hunches and failing to follow your dreams.”

Joulé Inc., a specialized, regional staffing organization, purchased the firm in 2003, providing the resources needed for growth. Kristin was a recipient of Boston Business Journal’s “40 Under 40 Award” in 2001 and is a graduate of Bentley College with a B.S. in Marketing.

Kristin enjoys spending time skiing and hiking with her family and in a quiet moment she also enjoys a good fiction book.

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Meet the Team – Diana Lopez

Diana Lopez, Sr. Divisional Administrator, CM Access

Passionate about helping others, Diana started her career in human resources and was drawn into staffing. She loves the experience of meeting new people and getting to know them, and is hooked by the excitement they feel when offered a position. Diana is detailed-oriented, with nearly 15 years of experience behind her. Administrative and staffing expertise help provide flawless service to consultants and clients. Benefits, payroll, on boarding, customer service and training are a few of the areas she handles. Diana loves helping talent obtain opportunities to let their skills shine. CM Access’s boutique approach encourages her to think outside the box and she relishes seeing her projects grow. She welcomes a challenge and is always eager to expand her knowledge.

On the personal side, Diana is new to the Boston area but loves the city as it’s reminiscent of her hometown Washington, D.C.. She loves to dance – salsa is her favorite! When she’s not with family, she enjoys cooking classes, wine tasting and relaxing at the beach.

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Meet the Team – Jeanine Chandler

Jeanine’s no new-comer to the creative world. With eight years of print design and production placement under her belt, she expanded into interactive and marketing recruitment. She develops strong relationships with clients and talent and enjoys access to an extensive network of professionals. Jeanine’s focus at CM Access is helping to grow the creative and marketing business. She seeks out and identifies interesting opportunities for creative professionals in the New England market. Jeanine is constantly on the lookout to add skilled creative and marketing professionals to her pool of talent. To Jeanine, it is not about putting a person in a seat, it’s about finding the ideal fit for both the client and talent. She wholeheartedly believes, “The greatest success is when you see and hear our talent’s excitement in getting the role that they really wanted. That truly makes it worth it.”

It’s not just business, it’s personal… Jeanine is the mom of two girls who balances work and family time.  She enjoys reading a good book or being outside with her family.  Her ideal day would be spent at the beach!

Ready for your next great gig?  Connect with Jeanine now!