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Talent Spotlight! – Lindsay, Junior Graphic Designer

Lindsay headshotLindsay, the CM Access April 2013 Talent Spotlight, told us she’s been drawn to art and design practically since birth, painting and drawing anything she could get her toddler hands on. I know, we were skeptical too (that’s a long time!), but after checking out her portfolio we recognized her natural knack for design. Lindsay’s graphic design work has an agency look and feel, and we’re told she’s been known to hit the ball out of the park.

A recent graduate of Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Lindsay is an Adobe Creative Suite pro with solid grasp of design concepts. She has strong attention to detail and loves getting her designs just right, which makes Photoshop her favorite tool. She’s adept at crafting logos, packaging, advertisements, identity and  branding. She values patience and knows it’s an attribute just as important as design skills. Before diving into any project, Lindsay takes time to fully understands key brand messaging, client expectations and the audience. She enjoys each step of the creative process, and feels getting to the final product is a great accomplishment, but the research, process, experiences and practice are just as rewarding.

In her last two positions, Lindsay quickly worked her way up to leadership roles. She credits stellar organizational skills and a strong work ethic, and is eager to make positive contributions to each client she works with.

Ready for a go-getter like Lindsay to add major value to your team? Let us know – we’d love for you to meet her so you can see for yourself!

Check out a few of Lindsay’s portfolio samples:




Like what you see? Dying to check out more? Absolutely need Lindsay on your team? Get in touch with Lindsay’s Career Advocate Ryan today: 800-330-4110

Talent Spotlight! – Joan, Interactive Designer

Who is at home with all things digital, leads the web department of a freelance studio and rocks out with bands in Germany, the US and Costa Rica? Joan, the latest professional in the CM Access spotlight.

Joan, Interactive Designer

Joan is passionate about everything digital. He’s experienced helping clients’ discover their online identity, enhancing their presence and coding websites and emails. Joan is currently on assignment with CM Access as an HTML Email Coder at Constant Contact. He loves to put his creative skills to the test, starting projects from scratch, carefully creating branding for his clients. From the logo through the full range of marketing collateral – brochures, business cards, website design, coding and programming, and finally the launch of the website – he enjoys the entire process and utilizing all the talents in his creative tool box.

When Joan isn’t producing winning projects, he’s touring with his band in Europe and visiting his native home of Costa Rica. He’s made a home for himself based in Boston recently, wowing clients across the country with his creative designs. He enjoys dividing his time between design and music, and is grateful for the flexibility that contract work offers.

Joan’s ideal project would integrate WordPress and custom design. Joan believes in providing clients a simple solution for website development: a user-friendly WordPress platform paired with original custom artwork, connected to social media and mobile devices so clients can take control of their website content.

Interested in an interactive whiz like Joan? Give CM Access a call today: 800-330-4110.

Joan’s portfolio samples:

Mango Surf Shop Website development – design & coding. Website development – design & coding. Website development – design & coding. Website development - design & coding. Website development – design & coding.

Talent Spotlight! – Kelly, Integrated Project Manager

Kelly_bwMotivated by challenge and highly ambitious, Kelly W. is an Integrated Project Manager who finds both strategic and tactical work satisfying. She discovered her love of digital and interactive while researching a website relaunch in her first job, and has looked forward to being a part of that evolving space ever since. In various Integrated Project Manager roles, Kelly has had a hand in everything from Print, Out-of-Home, Television, Radio, Non-Traditional (POP, R&D, Station Domination), In-Branch Merchandise & Internal Branding, Branded Campaigns and Conceptual Projects. She thrives in a team that is enthusiastic and driven towards success.

Jeanine Chandler, Lead Career Advocate, knows she can rely on Kelly to get the job done and recommends her to all of CM Access’s clients. Kelly recently completed a CMA assignment as an Interactive Project Manager for a travel and lifestyle marketing agency that works with premier brands. Detail oriented and personable, she managed web banners, helped with digital resourcing, kept the team on track with deadlines and priority changes, garnered client feedback and conceived, developed and delivered a dynamic status Filemaker database for resource tracking. Jeanine received excellent feedback on Kelly’s work.

Kelly finds freelance and project based work very satisfying, as it allows opportunities to grow her skill set while providing flexibility. She’s looking to make a contribution to an assignment that is both strategic and tactical. Are you ready to benefit from Kelly’s project management skills? Give CM Access a call today: 800-330-4110.

Talent Spotlight – Kip, Creative Strategist

With almost 20 years in graphic design, marketing and advertising under his belt, Kip is an accomplished Creative Director and Strategist. Not only is he a pro at delivering compelling content to target markets using the hottest channels and dead-on tone, he’s also worked with the full spectrum of clients, from design firms to internal corporate departments. His skills range from the ability to follow a company’s style guideline to the expertise to create a strategic marketing program from a blank slate.

Currently on assignment as a Packaging Production Artist, Kip’s creative vision has made a real contribution to each CM Access client he’s worked with. Career advocate Jason DeVito calls out Kip’s deep understanding of the creative and post-production process, enabling him to quickly jump right into solutions to creative and technical challenges.

Kip is especially eager to work on projects that involve innovative products or services that are in need of full marketing programs. He enjoys having a hand in each step of the process: evaluating the market, creating an image and launching a multi-platform campaign, giving him the opportunity to use “all the crayons in the box.” From strategy to typography, design and layout, he finds working with decision makers and sharing the satisfaction of partnership rewarding.

Kip has a strong sense of responsibility to meet clients’ objectives while keeping it fun and exciting. He never loses sight of the fact that creative plays a major role in the success of a company. Working with Kip, you know his eyes are “on the prize.” He drives profit and controls expenses by budgeting resources to align with revenue opportunity, influencing internal stakeholders and selecting the right resources to deliver cost effective solutions. Quite simply, he’s a creative who delivers results.

Could your business benefit from a creative strategist like Kip? Contact CM Access today!

Check out a few samples from Kip’s portfolio:

Talent Spotlight! – Experienced Experiential Designer Brian

Brian is a talented and versatile Experiential Designer with the creative ability to shift gears from 2D to 3D design with ease. He’s honed his design and professional approach while working in several design studios, and just finished an assignment with CM Access at an agency client as an Experience Designer. In this role he utilized 3D programs for big brand clients in multiple sectors, and enjoyed the collaboration of the 3D design team. Brian is process oriented and loves working through each step from brainstorming to the design “construction” process.

Building with Legos and Lincoln Logs as a child, Brian’s passion for design and understanding of spatial relationships developed at an early age. He discovered his interest in 3D design during his first digital 3D design class – and went on to crash the Strata 3D program several times while attempting to model Shea Stadium. He hasn’t looked back since and has an impressive portfolio to show for it.

Brian’s skills range from developing dynamic branding and marketing solutions to illustrating and rendering mobile marketing and interactive user experiences. Prior to working with CM Access, he created promotional vehicles and event experiences including rendering high-quality 3D images that incorporate graphics and CAD files for in-house fabrication. Brian particularly enjoyed working as a lead designer on a 26’ custom fiberglass peanut vehicle for Planters’ Peanuts, which was used in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Spurred by a love of sports branding, Brian founded a sports branding and media design studio, enabling him to build years of experience in sports apparel and logo design for both college and professional organizations. His impressive client roster includes teams in the New England Collegiate Baseball League, the Midwest Collegiate League and the Cal Ripken Collegiate Baseball League. His studio work has given him the opportunity to design special event and All-Star game logos, team branding, marketing materials and souvenir apparel in addition to mascot/character design and development.

Brian is an innovative, detail-oriented designer and creative thinker. He thrives in roles that challenge him to use conceptualization and problem solving skills, and prefers going to bed thinking about how he can best execute his next design. If you have a role that will keep a talented designer like Brian up at night, give CM Access a call today.

So You Think You Can Freelance?

Freelancing is a great fit for many creative professionals.  It enables you to work on new projects across multiple industries, and provides portfolio-building power that is crucial for future success. A flexible schedule is a bonus!

How does a freelancer do what they love, while maintaining a professional relationship and guard against being ripped off?

We thought you’d ask, and have a few tips for successful freelancing experiences…

  • The Project Scope – Unlike in the video, be sure to clearly outline the project, the expectations and the timeframe so there are no surprises in the end.
  • Put it in writing – Be sure you have a written agreement in place before you begin.
  • Ongoing communication – Define project milestones clearly and establish regular communication with your client for updates and feedback.
  • Act the part – Be professional.  No one will take you seriously if you don’t take conduct yourself as a professional – period.
  • Consult the experts – You don’t have to go it alone.  Here at CM Access we work with freelancers like you every day, to help them establish great relationships. We love freelancers, and work with clients who do as well!

Talent Spotlight! – Creative Copywriter, Amy

From big brands to small niches, Amy C. specializes in copy creation for web, print, and media campaigns. Her experience ranges from writing articles for a performance marketing publication with a focus on CPA-based advertising to developing and executing a social media program for a multimillion dollar beverage company. Amy is determined to be the best at what she does and sets a high bar for the quality of her work, ensuring winning results for her clients.

Amy is professional and confident in her work, attributes that led to her current writing position with Staples. Her Career Advocate Jamie Blumenthal explains, “Though the role is quite high level, the client moved quickly to engage her as she came with glowing recommendations. I would put her in front of any client, with the confidence she would impress.” This is Amy’s second assignment with CM Access; she previously exercised her writing muscles as a copywriter with Fitness Together.

While Amy enjoys all media and styles, writing for web is ultimately her favorite. She works to stay up to the minute and on the pulse of trending topics that command attention. She loves to take her content, test it, track it and optimize it to maximize results – a practice her clients appreciate!  Amy doesn’t turn off her creativity when she steps away from the office. Her creative juices flow around the clock and she often finds herself coming up with new ideas and inspiration while she’s out “living life.” Amy brainstorms and collaborates with colleagues to increase her perspective and overcome dreaded “writer’s block.”

Asked for her advice to up and coming writers, she encouraged them, “Be yourself and bring originality to your work. Don’t settle for a job that is just a paycheck. It’s not about the money or your job title, stick to your guns and believe in your talent. The perfect job will come along. Until then, accept the struggle and embrace canned foods!”

Check out Amy’s writing samples:

CM Access loves helping creative, marketing and interactive job seekers like Amy find their next great position. If you’re ready for a role you relish, give us a call today.

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Talent Spotlight! – Dynamite Graphic Designer Dominique

Translating clients’ ideas into positive reflections of their identity, products and goals is Dominique’s passion. A seasoned design professional with 10 years of experience, creativity is a strong factor behind her impressive design, but it’s not the only one. Dominique is driven by attention to detail, brand consistency and timeliness. A true creative, her thoughts stray outside the box as she easily switches gears and explores different directions.

Dominique is meticulous and comes highly recommended, with experience at both large corporations and agencies. She’s worked with CM Access for two years and is finishing up a long term contract with a large retail pharmacy and healthcare corporation as a Packaging Production Designer. She’s honed her concepting, design and production skills for various signage and large format window graphics. Previously, she hit the ground running at an international branded play company which targets children and families through a wide-range of immersive entertainment offerings. She created design, layout and production of style guides and brand standards for a number of well known children’s toys. Her agency experience focused on retail design consultancy, where her environmental design skills were strengthened while working directly with architects to structure pathways, design fabric structures and large, formal graphics that were displayed throughout a bank.

Always eager to flex her design muscles, Dominique enjoys projects that blend her specialized skills in branding and identity, environmental design, retail point of sale and multiple graphic design disciplines. She would love to take on a role outside her comfort zone that also allows the opportunity to positively impact and improve clients’ business through her design expertise.

In addition to her full-time work, Dominique runs a multifaceted graphic design and gift boutique service. Launched in 2008, she is the sole designer of the website, packaging and logo. She offers personalized gifts including invitations, greeting cards and ornaments.

Dominique’s favorite personal accomplishment was designing a winning greeting card for the Massachusetts non-profit Project Bread’s holiday card contest. Out of thousands of submissions, her design was one of four chosen to be sold at Whole Foods during the 2009 holiday season. A portion of the sales were donated to benefit Project Bread, a charity Dominique is passionate about.

To discuss how a talented designer like Dominique can benefit your business, give CM Access Career Advocate Lisa Manning a call today at 800-330-4110. Have you seen all our  featured talent? Interested in being featured?

Check out samples from Dominique’s portfolio!

Designed fabric structures, screens, formal graphics, retail pathway.

Carton illustration, layout and production.

Greeting card design mock-up for Whole Foods to benefit Project Bread.