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Rocker Turned Strategist: Brendan Brown’s Jungle Gym Career Climb

Sometimes you zig, sometimes you zag, and Brendan Brown advises you to embrace it. From sharing a dressing room with MC Hammer at the Meadowlands, to searching the “Wanted” ads for a job that pays enough to support a family of three, Brown may be the ultimate monkey bar climber.

“Careers are a jungle gym, not a ladder…The ability to forge a unique path, with occasional dips, detours, and even dead ends presents a better chance of fulfilment. Plus a jungle gym provides great views for many people, not just those at the top.” – Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook  

Brown’s story inspired us, as it’s full of risk and some really awesome perks and pay-outs. His background is diverse to say the least. He’s gone from dropping out of college to headlining for Incubus to selling vacuums, with a few stops along the way. His current gig? Syncing a traditional advertising agency with new media and the digital world.

Choosing to abandon his successful music career – two full-length records and a few international tours – to settle down with his wife and newborn son was a huge risk, but Brown wanted to put his family first. Without a college degree supporting his family was a huge concern, so he took the first “customer service” job he was offered after responding to an ad in the paper. After a few days he realized he would be selling $2,000 vacuums door to door, but to this day doesn’t regret his choice. He says he learned grit, determination and developed his craft of storytelling. Not to mention, it was a vacuum sale that ultimately landed him his first salaried position at a top sales organization. A few successful years later, Brown took another leap of faith as he returned to his creative roots. Since then, he has founded a social media management company for the music industry, worked as lead strategist at a digital experience agency and is now making moves at a traditional agency, helping them reposition themselves as the industry goes digital.

On stage

Brown and son Parker on stage during a 2012 reunion show

You could argue that being in a band, selling vacuums and working at an ad agency have little in common. But Brown argues that they all thrive on connection. Whether you’re writing a song, selling a product or promoting a brand, the challenge and desire to connect with and affect the person on the other side of your art remains the same. Brown stresses this common thread can be extended to the job hunt as well, “It’s all about creating your personal narrative, weaving your experiences together and crafting a story. Once they buy in to your story, they will want to be a part of the next chapter.” No experience is wasted if it is a means to fulfill your dreams.

Are you navigating through a career jungle gym? We’d love to hear your story. Or maybe you’re stuck and need some help getting to the next bar. If you are, we’re here to help. Just ask Brown, we might have lent a little resume help his way.

CM Access is growing!

We’re excited to introduce the newest members of our growing team: Kevin Barry and David Fernandez. Joining us as Account Executives, both Kevin and David are strong believers in the CM Access philosophy that great work comes from great relationships. They’re looking forward to working with you to find the perfect fit for your creative, marketing and interactive needs.

Kevin Barry
Kevin_barryKevin is a driven sales professional whose upbeat, positive personality draws you in. Building relationships is his specialty and he’s excited to put his talent to work connecting clients with just the right candidates. Kevin is passionate about growing his clients’ businesses and has eight years of experience working with professionals at all levels. Kevin has a B.S. in Marketing.

Not just business, it’s personal… I play golf, hockey and fish, and enjoy cooking something weird I’ve never eaten before. A fun fact about me is that I’m the only person I know who has never been pulled over while driving a car. Must be luck!

 David Fernandez 
david_fernandezDavid’s rapport building and passion for the arts make him a perfect fit for the CM Access team. His interest in recruitment began in college while working in Alumni Relations, where he honed his outreach and relationship building skills. During a stint in an art gallery, David developed his eye for creativity. When David experienced the “CM Access difference” during his own job hunt, he knew that it was the perfect place to put his skills and interests to use, helping clients and talent succeed. David has a B.S. in Philosophy and History.

Not just business, it’s personal… I’m interested in many things including the arts, philosophy and sports. I’m an avid basketball and tennis player, and full time supporter of Detroit sports. Go Pistons!

Talent Spotlight! – Joan, Interactive Designer

Who is at home with all things digital, leads the web department of a freelance studio and rocks out with bands in Germany, the US and Costa Rica? Joan, the latest professional in the CM Access spotlight.

Joan, Interactive Designer

Joan is passionate about everything digital. He’s experienced helping clients’ discover their online identity, enhancing their presence and coding websites and emails. Joan is currently on assignment with CM Access as an HTML Email Coder at Constant Contact. He loves to put his creative skills to the test, starting projects from scratch, carefully creating branding for his clients. From the logo through the full range of marketing collateral – brochures, business cards, website design, coding and programming, and finally the launch of the website – he enjoys the entire process and utilizing all the talents in his creative tool box.

When Joan isn’t producing winning projects, he’s touring with his band in Europe and visiting his native home of Costa Rica. He’s made a home for himself based in Boston recently, wowing clients across the country with his creative designs. He enjoys dividing his time between design and music, and is grateful for the flexibility that contract work offers.

Joan’s ideal project would integrate WordPress and custom design. Joan believes in providing clients a simple solution for website development: a user-friendly WordPress platform paired with original custom artwork, connected to social media and mobile devices so clients can take control of their website content.

Interested in an interactive whiz like Joan? Give CM Access a call today: 800-330-4110.

Joan’s portfolio samples:

Mango Surf Shop Website development – design & coding. Website development – design & coding. Website development – design & coding. Website development - design & coding. Website development – design & coding.

Meet the Team – Kristen Ritter

With six years of experience in the marketing industry, a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and MBA in Marketing, Kristen is an industry savvy professional. While new to staffing and recruitment, the transition has been seamless thanks to Kristen’s passion for problem solving, client satisfaction and networking. Her zeal for marketing doesn’t stop when she leaves the office, she works on building her personal brand through a number of social channels and is  on top of the latest trends and technologies. Kristen is eager to put her experience and expertise to use, and help lead the Interactive business at CM Access.

Kristen loves running, getting together with friends and family, as well as traveling and exploring new cultures. She’s been to 13 countries and is planning on crossing off three more in 2013!

Connect with Kristen on LinkedIn now….and follow her on Twitter!

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Meet the Team – Ryan Krivonick

Ryan is a new edition to the CM Access team, bringing fresh passion for the staffing and recruitment industry. He was drawn to the profession by the intrinsic value of helping people find jobs and is eager to make a positive difference in the lives of CM Access talent.  He appreciates their drive to be successful and the ability to create impressive pieces. Ryan values the boutique approach of CM Access, he loves getting to know talent on a first name basis and sharing successes with the entire CMA team.

In his spare time, Ryan can be found playing with his new puppy (Buddy), biking and playing tennis. He also enjoys spending time with friends and traveling.

Connect with Ryan here! Don’t miss out on the rest of the team: Kristin, Jeanine, Diana, Lisa, Jason, Adrienne and Amie.

Talent Spotlight – Kip, Creative Strategist

With almost 20 years in graphic design, marketing and advertising under his belt, Kip is an accomplished Creative Director and Strategist. Not only is he a pro at delivering compelling content to target markets using the hottest channels and dead-on tone, he’s also worked with the full spectrum of clients, from design firms to internal corporate departments. His skills range from the ability to follow a company’s style guideline to the expertise to create a strategic marketing program from a blank slate.

Currently on assignment as a Packaging Production Artist, Kip’s creative vision has made a real contribution to each CM Access client he’s worked with. Career advocate Jason DeVito calls out Kip’s deep understanding of the creative and post-production process, enabling him to quickly jump right into solutions to creative and technical challenges.

Kip is especially eager to work on projects that involve innovative products or services that are in need of full marketing programs. He enjoys having a hand in each step of the process: evaluating the market, creating an image and launching a multi-platform campaign, giving him the opportunity to use “all the crayons in the box.” From strategy to typography, design and layout, he finds working with decision makers and sharing the satisfaction of partnership rewarding.

Kip has a strong sense of responsibility to meet clients’ objectives while keeping it fun and exciting. He never loses sight of the fact that creative plays a major role in the success of a company. Working with Kip, you know his eyes are “on the prize.” He drives profit and controls expenses by budgeting resources to align with revenue opportunity, influencing internal stakeholders and selecting the right resources to deliver cost effective solutions. Quite simply, he’s a creative who delivers results.

Could your business benefit from a creative strategist like Kip? Contact CM Access today!

Check out a few samples from Kip’s portfolio:

Meet the Team – Kristin Motta Zwickau

Kristin is passionate about people. As Director of CM Access, she loves leading her team’s success, as well as that of clients and candidates. Committed to what’s best for the people she works with, no one is treated as a commodity. Kristin is fascinated by learning about the twists and turns in people’s career paths, leading them to where they are today.

Kristin embraces a customized, personal approach to building partnerships. She began her career in sales as an account executive for a boutique graphic arts representation agency. Her dedication to providing top-notch service to clients built the company’s reputation and doubled its revenue and size during her tenure. In 1996 Kristin’s entrepreneurial drive led her to co-found CM Access with Inga Wennik (then Wennik&Motta). Kristin attributes her drive to a career in sales, which shaped her carpe diem attitude toward business. Her approach to sales, which she applies to running a business, is the belief that, “The greatest risk is not acting on your hunches and failing to follow your dreams.”

Joulé Inc., a specialized, regional staffing organization, purchased the firm in 2003, providing the resources needed for growth. Kristin was a recipient of Boston Business Journal’s “40 Under 40 Award” in 2001 and is a graduate of Bentley College with a B.S. in Marketing.

Kristin enjoys spending time skiing and hiking with her family and in a quiet moment she also enjoys a good fiction book.

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Meet the Team – Diana Lopez

Diana Lopez, Sr. Divisional Administrator, CM Access

Passionate about helping others, Diana started her career in human resources and was drawn into staffing. She loves the experience of meeting new people and getting to know them, and is hooked by the excitement they feel when offered a position. Diana is detailed-oriented, with nearly 15 years of experience behind her. Administrative and staffing expertise help provide flawless service to consultants and clients. Benefits, payroll, on boarding, customer service and training are a few of the areas she handles. Diana loves helping talent obtain opportunities to let their skills shine. CM Access’s boutique approach encourages her to think outside the box and she relishes seeing her projects grow. She welcomes a challenge and is always eager to expand her knowledge.

On the personal side, Diana is new to the Boston area but loves the city as it’s reminiscent of her hometown Washington, D.C.. She loves to dance – salsa is her favorite! When she’s not with family, she enjoys cooking classes, wine tasting and relaxing at the beach.

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