The Best Brands Using Vine // Target

Target is known for its style: simple, geometric, and most importantly, catchy. Their commercials don’t pitch their products at you. You’re just watching TV and somehow find yourself in the middle of a funky world where things are symmetrical and the music is great. From cake mix to beach gear to oatmeal, they’ve managed to maintain an organized playfulness throughout all of their marketing. Enter, Vine. Expectations were high, and Target didn’t disappoint.

They started with a bang, kicking off their 6-second video account with an origami stop-motion.

Right?! Pretty ambitious for a first-timer, but Target has a reputation and they know it.

Flash forward to this summer, and all the buzz surrounding their #SummerUp Decision Maker. Don’t know what you feel like doing? Tap and you’ll pause it on anything from “Build a Fort” to a photo of a jump rope.

Later on, they marked the beginning of football season with a clever Pickles vs. Pretzels toss of the pigskin (well, tortilla).

And as the days got shorter and we dragged ourselves inside for the winter, Target was there. With caramel apple tips, jack-o-lanterns a-plenty, and a nod to 1985’s Duck Hunt:

We were very interested to see what they’d come up with for the post-Thanksgiving weekend shopping frenzy, and were pleasantly surprised to find they’d revamped their summer Decision Maker. Make friends with your buddy in line on Black Friday! Well, it’s too late now but hang on to the link for next year.


Web Designer

Web Designer

Web Designer

Division: CM Access | Location: Metro West,MA | Temporary Position


Interactive Web Designer

Who We’re Looking for:

A seriously talented, front end web designer to design, manage and grow our clients’ on-line presence. This creative individual will own each project from concept to completion. You should be a self-motivated, results-focused, who also has experience working with a big brand client on multiple interactive campaigns. Projects will include: landing pages, promotional campaigns, banner ads, websites and other interactive projects.

• 4-6 years of web design experience in a creative atmosphere
• Creative portfolio showcasing professional website design expertise
• Must be able to efficiently take projects from concept to production (HTML, CSS)
• Well polished in the Adobe Creative Suite applications and other industry tools
• Strong understanding of designing within brand standards
• Experience working along side and collaborating with multi-functional teams (developers, PMs, marketers, vendors, etc.)
• Strong aesthetic sense and intuitive understanding of what makes a truly great interactive experience

The Best Brands Using Vine

With the release of Vine earlier this year, the whole landscape of posting something online changed. No longer were we chained to the constricting option of one particular moment in time, we could get it all. Or, almost all of it. 6 second videos had just enough time to capture the feeling of an event, or the hilarious mistake and the laughter afterwards.

But then a great thing happened: brands began to see it as an easy advertising opportunity. Skip the 30-second commercial, Vine is where the people are and Vine is free. They’ve really taken advantage of the opportunity to tell a quick story, very often pitching their product in a way that isn’t “pitchy” at all.

Dunkin’ Donuts. In an ironic twist, there was a lot of buzz surrounding Dunkin’ Donuts for their being the first to use the free app to create a commercial to air on television during Monday Night Football’s pregame show on ESPN. Vine is valuable tool for brands to create an overlap between television and social media campaigns, and Dunkin’ Donuts did a great job keeping people interested and engaged.

Samsung. With Samsung’s place as a hefty competitor in the tablet race, it’s no surprise they chose to spotlight their variety of mobile devices in one of their best Vines. A basketball player runs through three different phones or tablets before slam dunking on a fourth.

Another Vine brings ants to the scene of a picnic. A flat strawberry on  smartphone comes to life and the ants carry it away. Samsung definitely has fun with the app, so a viewer barely notices they’ve been slapped with advertising for the last 6 seconds. Because it’s barely a slap.

Oreo. We know Oreo is on top of their social media. And we’ve seen Oreos dunked in every possible way, so it’s fun to see how that cleverness translates to six seconds of stop-motion.

Etsy. The online crafty-creative community is the perfect company to experiment with stop-motion, and they did just that. Though none of them had experience with stop-motion beforehand, they went into each Vine prep with an open mind and a willingness to be flexible with the materials. A favorite:

Coming up, two pros of the Vine world: Lowe’s and Target.


User Experience

User Experience

Career Opportunity

User Experience Designer

Division: CM Access | Location: Boston,MA | Direct Hire Position


Job Description

Are you a User Experience Designer that pushes the creative envelope and thrives on the opportunity to collaborate on responsive mobile projects? If you are, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on!

Our client, is looking for the right User Experience Designer to be the next member of their talented in-house agency team. The Ideal candidate has both agency experience and has worked in an agile environment before. The right UX candidate needs to have strong visual problem solving skills and a solid understanding of interactive, and responsive design. With the support of the designers, developers, writers and video producers, UX designers must craft user experiences that integrate strategic and conceptual elements. 


3+ years professional experience as a User Experience designer
A degree in Human-Computer Interaction, Human Factors, Design or related field strongly preferred
Strong active listening and communication skills
Highly motivated, self-starter
Familiarity with user-centered methodologies
Comfortable presenting designs both formally and informally
Ability to design simple, usable experiences that scale across a complex suite of products
Willingness to travel internationally (potentially 1-2 weeks travel per year)
Understand opportunities and constraints of multiple platforms (web, smartphone, tablet)



As a CM Access employee you’ll enjoy an excellent compensation package. Our customizable benefits package includes a variety of medical, dental, and vision options, holiday pay, company matching 401k, direct deposit, weekly payroll and referral bonuses.

BranchID: 9110

Order # 900023DM

Places That Work // Twitter

Twitter is all grown up. Last year it expanded from it’s humble start-up beginnings to a larger, 215,000 square foot space in San Francisco’s Mid Market district. Though one of busiest, most updated and constantly buzzing of the social media sites (the average life of a tweet is 2 minutes), their office is a blank canvas complete with small quirks that make it, well Twitter headquarters.

A little bit of a contrast from our last two spotlighted workplaces, the space is sophisticated and playful, while maintaining a sleekness to reflect their young company’s adulthood. With a visually uncluttered office, employees are free to spend time getting lost in their own Twitter-y brains. There’s lots of open space to collaborate, have meetings over lunch in the cafeteria (Called “@birdfeeder.” Clever.) or play corn hole on the roof deck.

twitter_headquarters_cafeteria twitter_office_roof_deck twitter_headquarters_workspace







Apparently Twitter’s big move to this previously gritty  area of San Francisco prompted several other companies to do the same, reviving the neighborhood into an area the city has renamed Central Market. With over 1,000 employees, it sounds like Twitter will soon have a fantastic office AND great neighbors.

Image credits: one, two, three

Places that Work // Mattson Creative




champ_164_854 champ_combo_02_854

champ_166_854 tys_office_028_854 tys_office_054_854

tys_office_3240_854Mattson Creative has some stellar work. The best part is that we don’t even need to show you this work for you to understand, because look at their flipping workspace! You know good stuff is coming out of an environment like this.

A former lima bean factory-turned studio, the space is what I would call the perfect combination of contemporary and vintage. There are clean lines and sharp color contrasts, useful for a visually organized workspace, but they’ve also maintained a warm, homey feeling with lots of wood accents.

Mattson Creative is part of SND CYN Studios, a collaborative workspace for creative professionals, located in Southern California. Based on the community, the location, and the comfort level of their workspace, I imagine they spend just as much time hanging out in this space as they do working in it (and that looks to be the case).

You want to see more pictures, I’m sure: here and here.

Places That Work // Etsy

People have many different opinions about what a workspace should be: a blank slate to keep distractions at a minimum, an intriguing, inspiration-covered environment, a home-like space to be comfortable in, and the list goes on. But what does the office of the largest online handcrafted/vintage selling community look like? We were totally curious.

creative office etsy

etsy headquarters

Turns out the headquarters, in Brooklyn, looks quite a bit like real-life Etsy. Quirks around every corner,creative workplace

themed offices,

etsy office

and a ping pong table.

etsy headquarters

creative office etsy

Depending on the sort of worker you are, this could be a great, creatively invigorating environment – open work areas encourage collaboration, and lots of daylight keeps workers alert. It’ll be interesting to see how often they change things up.

Photo credits: MAD

Motion Graphics Artist

Motion Graphics Artist

Our Boston client is looking for a Motion Graphics Artist to join their team. Must be comfortable working in an After Effects/Adobe video applications environment. Team-oriented, fun working environment. Must have 2-3 years motion graphic design experience with samples. Please send resume and portfolio.


As a CM Access employee you’ll enjoy an excellent compensation package. Our customizable benefits package includes a variety of medical, dental, and vision options, holiday pay, company matching 401k, direct deposit, weekly payroll and referral bonuses.

A Pop-Up Book Made to Sell a Phone?

Who’d have thought, a few years ago, that a pop-up book would be the highlight of a commercial for an elegant, new mobile phone? Certainly not us. It’s a strange, hilariously wonderful juxtaposition of the new and the old, the kitschy-handmade and the chic-sleek.

The video for Samsung’s GALAXY Note 3:


Imaging Specialist

Imaging Specialist

Imaging Specialist

Division: CM Access | Location: Metro West,MA |


This part time role is looking for a photography retouching expert who is knows Photoshop. All of the images you will be creating will be for web and print materials. You must have a great portfolio! Apply today!



As a CM Access employee you’ll enjoy an excellent compensation package. Our customizable benefits package includes a variety of medical, dental, and vision options, holiday pay, company matching 401k, direct deposit, weekly payroll and referral bonuses.