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Catching Up with Kristin (Pt. 1)

I recently caught up with Kristin Zwickau, our director here at CM Access, and picked her brain about hiring new employees and the state of the creative industry today.

 A quick video from Kristin! 

So, I know the topic of the moment is unemployment. What are we looking at, as far as creative jobs go? Are we in the clear yet?

You know, it seems like we’re well on our way, especially our industry here in Massachusetts. Experts claim the natural rate of unemployment won’t drop below 5.6%. That being said, the nationwide unemployment rate of 7.7% is a bit higher than the natural rate, for recession-related reasons, but Massachusetts seems to be nearing the light at the end of the tunnel, at 6.5%. Even better is that the U.S. creative industry as a whole has a 4.1% unemployment rate. Mobile and interactive, specifically, is at 0.0%. ZERO percent! 


What sort of jobs are in high demand?

The industry demand is for digital, video, and mobile jobs. Digital marketing is also an area that’s experiencing high growth, along with target/lead generation marketing. Corporations realize that in order to compete in today’s market, they have to go digital. 

I know one of the issues with creative employees is that monotony makes them antsy, so job switching is prevalent. On one hand, this provides a company with fresh talent, but sometimes adjusting to a new person can be a bit challenging. Do you see this as an issue?

No, I really don’t. Generally, creative departments have a set number of seats that are full-time employees and then a percentage of staff that are contract. This allows the company to focus on, challenge, and retain top talent, while still bringing in fresh ideas from the outside. It’s also a way for the creative director to fill his or her pipeline with viable future talent to hire full-time, should a position become available.

That being said, it is definitely in a company’s best interest to invest themselves in their employees. They say the successful manager of the future will be one that knows how to retain and attract top talent. So, it’s no longer about just getting the best people, but the challenge is in determining how to keep them interested and active in your company.

What’s the best way to do that?

It’s a cycle, and employee engagement is key. Keep your current employees satisfied by allowing them to grow while they’re working for you. Give them opportunities to socialize and learn new skills– make them feel like it’s a real give-and-take relationship from both sides. The overarching idea of having supportive management is probably the simplest way to break it down. 

Part 2 of our chat is coming up next week!

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Talent Spotlight! Meet Alissa, CM Access’s February Featured Talent

Savvy and in the know, Alissa P. may be new to the CMAccess candidate list but she has a wealth of knowledge that will help build any company’s e-commerce enterprises.

 Alissa recently ended a 10 year career as senior art director with a major clothing line’s website. Her careful attention to details helped to develop homepages, online advertising and marketing, mobile sites and social networks for the company. Managing e-commerce design teams in two locations, Alissa utilized CMAccess to fill contract positions. Seeing first hand the quality designers that CMAccess supplied and having built a relationship with their team, Alissa knew she wanted the group to help with her job search.

Her dream position would be in a smaller company where Alissa can really participate in many different areas including designing — print or online she enjoys it all. Alissa would love to bring her 20 years of experience to help take a company to the next level, while acting as a mentor to new designers.

When she’s not working, Alissa relaxes through horseback riding. Though she has been competitive in her past —she began riding at 8-years-old — Alissa enjoys the sport recreationally these days.

Her attention to details and ability to focus on the task at hand makes Alissa our top talent for the month.

Talent Spotlight!

There’s a whole lot of talent swimming around the CM Access candidate pool and we want to show their form off! Each month we will showcase one of our team of creative job seekers, giving you a glimpse at them and what they have to offer.

To kick-off this new feature we introduce you to Matthew, a graphic designer who has an abundance of artistic skills. Matt has been with CM Access for a year and a half, and has spent time designing packaging for a popular toy company. His designs can be seen in your local toy aisle and in European stores as well, a fact that Matt enjoys.

Walking through a store with family or friends and pointing to a toy package on the shelf and saying “I designed that” is a great feeling, Matt described.

While some may be hesitant to work in a contracting position, Matthew said partnering with CM Access has been a great experience, including the opportunity to work with market-leading companies. He and his fellow contractors were welcomed into the family at their assigned company, even getting together during downtime with their co-workers. Matthew has the strong support of his career advocate Jason DeVito, who he reports, has worked hard to get him positions in companies that pique his interest. Matthew’s dream is to one day design for the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment for you non-wrestling fans) since the sport is something he and his father have enjoyed together since his childhood. He revealed that Jason is working to help Matthew realize his dream.

Artistic pursuits are a large part of Matt’s life in more ways than graphic design. Putting his skills to work in costume and set design has strong appeal for him. If you saw the Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra, a Boston rock opera, then you saw some of Matt’s work. He acted as a costume designer for the show. The picture above is another sample of Matt’s work.

Matt also hopes to do some traveling and experience the Scandinavian countries of Iceland and Finland. There is something about the culture and breathtaking landscapes that has always captured his interest.

Just speaking with Matt, it’s clear that his passion for his craft and innovative ideas makes him an asset to any company’s design team.

If you feel Matt or another of CM Access’s team of talent can add to your company’s success contact us at 800-330-4110.