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Jr. Copywriters – job alert!

Do you enjoy writing? Do you have a passion for words? Are you the type of person who ALWAYS knows exactly what to say and how to say it perfectly? You may just be the person we are looking for!!


Calling all JR. Copywriters!!!!

Rocker Turned Strategist: Brendan Brown’s Jungle Gym Career Climb

Sometimes you zig, sometimes you zag, and Brendan Brown advises you to embrace it. From sharing a dressing room with MC Hammer at the Meadowlands, to searching the “Wanted” ads for a job that pays enough to support a family of three, Brown may be the ultimate monkey bar climber.

“Careers are a jungle gym, not a ladder…The ability to forge a unique path, with occasional dips, detours, and even dead ends presents a better chance of fulfilment. Plus a jungle gym provides great views for many people, not just those at the top.” – Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook  

Brown’s story inspired us, as it’s full of risk and some really awesome perks and pay-outs. His background is diverse to say the least. He’s gone from dropping out of college to headlining for Incubus to selling vacuums, with a few stops along the way. His current gig? Syncing a traditional advertising agency with new media and the digital world.

Choosing to abandon his successful music career – two full-length records and a few international tours – to settle down with his wife and newborn son was a huge risk, but Brown wanted to put his family first. Without a college degree supporting his family was a huge concern, so he took the first “customer service” job he was offered after responding to an ad in the paper. After a few days he realized he would be selling $2,000 vacuums door to door, but to this day doesn’t regret his choice. He says he learned grit, determination and developed his craft of storytelling. Not to mention, it was a vacuum sale that ultimately landed him his first salaried position at a top sales organization. A few successful years later, Brown took another leap of faith as he returned to his creative roots. Since then, he has founded a social media management company for the music industry, worked as lead strategist at a digital experience agency and is now making moves at a traditional agency, helping them reposition themselves as the industry goes digital.

On stage

Brown and son Parker on stage during a 2012 reunion show

You could argue that being in a band, selling vacuums and working at an ad agency have little in common. But Brown argues that they all thrive on connection. Whether you’re writing a song, selling a product or promoting a brand, the challenge and desire to connect with and affect the person on the other side of your art remains the same. Brown stresses this common thread can be extended to the job hunt as well, “It’s all about creating your personal narrative, weaving your experiences together and crafting a story. Once they buy in to your story, they will want to be a part of the next chapter.” No experience is wasted if it is a means to fulfill your dreams.

Are you navigating through a career jungle gym? We’d love to hear your story. Or maybe you’re stuck and need some help getting to the next bar. If you are, we’re here to help. Just ask Brown, we might have lent a little resume help his way.

Ready to Hit the Beach?…

beach-vacationSure, summer is a great time for a vacation, but before you hit the beach or tackle Cape Cod traffic, take time to check out our latest featured Hot Jobs

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Talent Spotlight – Kip, Creative Strategist

With almost 20 years in graphic design, marketing and advertising under his belt, Kip is an accomplished Creative Director and Strategist. Not only is he a pro at delivering compelling content to target markets using the hottest channels and dead-on tone, he’s also worked with the full spectrum of clients, from design firms to internal corporate departments. His skills range from the ability to follow a company’s style guideline to the expertise to create a strategic marketing program from a blank slate.

Currently on assignment as a Packaging Production Artist, Kip’s creative vision has made a real contribution to each CM Access client he’s worked with. Career advocate Jason DeVito calls out Kip’s deep understanding of the creative and post-production process, enabling him to quickly jump right into solutions to creative and technical challenges.

Kip is especially eager to work on projects that involve innovative products or services that are in need of full marketing programs. He enjoys having a hand in each step of the process: evaluating the market, creating an image and launching a multi-platform campaign, giving him the opportunity to use “all the crayons in the box.” From strategy to typography, design and layout, he finds working with decision makers and sharing the satisfaction of partnership rewarding.

Kip has a strong sense of responsibility to meet clients’ objectives while keeping it fun and exciting. He never loses sight of the fact that creative plays a major role in the success of a company. Working with Kip, you know his eyes are “on the prize.” He drives profit and controls expenses by budgeting resources to align with revenue opportunity, influencing internal stakeholders and selecting the right resources to deliver cost effective solutions. Quite simply, he’s a creative who delivers results.

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Check out a few samples from Kip’s portfolio:

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Have you noticed that everything is going pink this October?  Designated as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, many organizations are “thinking pink,” bringing both hope and awareness to breast cancer awareness, treatment, education and research.  Companies are embracing creative ways to utilize the breast cancer awareness pink ribbon and pink branding for the cause.

The NFL not only looks good in pink, it has brought the playing field full circle. Adding the famous pink ribbon to the turf, pink accents on the referees’ wrist bands and players sporting pink gloves and cleats, our eyes gravitate more to the muscular men in pink…well maybe that’s just us. Their campaign, “A Crucial Catch,” in partnership with the American Cancer Society, is focused on the importance of annual screenings, especially for women who are 40 and older.  Great job NFL!


Food, cosmetics, apparel and fragrances are all on the pink band wagon. As Ralph Lauren saddles up to support their Pink Pony Fund through sales of apparel and fragrance products, Tide Detergent is re-branding their look to bring awareness.  Panera Bread shows support through their “Pink Ribbon Bagel,” donating a portion of each sale to support breast cancer research. The concept dates back to 2001, when Sue Stees, co-owner of 18 Panera Bread franchises and a breast cancer survivor, began searching for ways to help other women fighting the same disease.

Even 5-Hour ENERGY is joining the pink campaign! They’ve introduced a new Pink Lemonade flavor packaged in a bright pink bottle, available through December 31, 2012, and will donate a portion of each sale to the Avon Foundation for Women Breast Cancer Crusade.

Do you think pink campaigns are raising awareness of breast cancer? Have you incorporated pink into your designs this month? 

Ready to “Fall” for a New Career?

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Does Your Brand Have “Gangnam Style?”

Creating your brand and your professional persona takes time and planning. Psy’s been in the business for over a decade and is only now a household name in the US.

We’re not suggesting you walk into an interview or your first day on the job dancing in the lobby, but what you can do is plan and develop your persona to ensure your creative style and brand is unique to your experience and skills, while also appealing to potential hiring managers and clients.

In addition to crafting your brand, don’t forget to get feedback on how you’re perceived in the market.  Seeking advice from mentors (past professors, colleagues, and don’t forget our career advocates here at CM Access) can help you refine your image.

Check out our tips on how leveraging a multi-channel brand development – from your website and portfolio to social media – to create your brand that will get you noticed.

Thinking About an Upgrade?

We can’t help you get your new phone any faster, but we do have some great “upgrades” to your job search and career with our latest Hot Jobs including…

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