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Catching Up With Kristin (Pt. 2)

Hmm, where’d we leave off? Oh, right. Creative industry unemployment is looking up, digital, video, and mobile jobs are in demand, and we started delving into the world of acquiring and retaining employees.

So, alright. It seems like opinions about the value of creative departments have been changing a little bit lately. Any thoughts on that?

Creative departments often look for the perfect, all-knowing candidate. A superman of creative skills, if you will. Though their intentions are in the right place, a shift is starting to occur where directors are realizing the professional value of developing the needed skills within their current employees, rather than spending excessive amounts of time seeking candidates that have all the necessary skills. They’re starting to consider the solution of maintaining a steady, solid staff, and supplementing it with more specialty-experienced contractors.

Does that mean the market of employable creatives is shifting towards contract-work?

Yeah! We’re actually finding that the recession has steered a lot of companies and creatives towards more contractual work. Since the economy has begun to recover, a little over half of all new roles have been contract roles. 40% of in-house agency Creative Directors plan to hire freelancers this year as well. Perhaps the best part is that it’s given these directors the opportunity to hire temp-to-perm. 75% of my clients grow their creative department this way.

With a decent percentage of agencies and companies competing for freelancers, what advice would you give them to ensure they’re getting the cream of the crop?

Simply put: compete. Put forth the best, most interesting work and the freelancers you attract will reflect that. Treat your contractors like a full-time member of your team, give them opportunities to develop their skills, and be honest and up front about setting expectations. Also, be open to hiring for aptitude and culture over hard and fast skills. People that are both adaptable to your company culture and capable of learning quickly will be valuable members of your team, even if they don’t fulfill your grocery list of technical skills.

We will be checking in with our lady-in-the-know regularly from now on, so stay tuned!

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Aquarius Forecast

Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) 

Aquarius is an air sign and ruled by planets Uranus and Saturn. Aquarians are known as masters of manipulation and can charm their way through many situations. They embrace change and are drawn to the unconventional. 

If you are searching: Though you can act as an expert on any topic, it doesn’t make you one. Do your research! Go into an interview knowing the facts about the company and the position first. Then use your creativity and personality to your advantage. 

If you are hiring: Trust your knowledge and intuition to make the right decision. Don’t hesitate when the right candidate comes along. 

Business Compatibility: Gemini, Capricorn and Cancer

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Tip #7: Do your homework before the interview

A crucial element in successful interview preparation is having significant knowledge about the company you are interviewing with so you can demonstrate your enthusiasm, as well as be able to articulate how your skills and values match those of the organization and industry.  But these days, your company research shouldn’t just come from a quick Google search or a glance at their website.  Using LinkedIn and other social media tools to review the background of the company and your interviewers could be just the leg up you need in this competitive job market.  Remember, you can never know “too much” about an organization and interviewers are always impressed when you can ask informed, intelligent questions.

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Interview Tips from NBC’s ‘The Office’

So you’ve just landed yourself an interview for a wonderful job! Now what?
Luckily for you, Michael Scott and the cast of characters at The Office can offer up some advice. After all, aside from providing a half-hour of comedy, The Office is a show about, well…….people who work in an office.
In addition to making us laugh, the show teaches us a lot about how to behave, or rather, how not to behave in a professional work environment. To explore this more, the good folks at CM Access have gathered up some of the most memorable interview tips The Office has provided us through the years and will post one tip per day over the next two weeks. We hope that while you prepare for your interview, you keep these tips in mind. Good Luck!

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