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Meet Lisa Manning, CM Access Lead Career Advocate!

CM Access takes a personal approach to recruiting and placing talented creative, marketing and interactive professionals in contract, project and full-time positions. Our focus on the personal touch is the CM Access Difference. So what better way to extend our personal touch than ensuring you all get to know each member of the CM Access team? You might have worked with only one recruiter, but we have quite a few talented faces hard at work in the CM Access office. We’re rolling out a “Meet the Team” series, bringing you a new team member each week to give you an opportunity to meet the full crew!

We’re kicking off the series with staffing veteran Lisa Manning, Lead Career Advocate. Lisa just had a great month – out of the entire office, she placed the most candidates with jobs!

Lisa’s nearly 15 years of sales and recruitment experience in creative and interactive have made her a pro in career counseling and client relationship development. As Lead Career Advocate at CM Access, she pursues and meets New England’s top talent, providing career guidance and coaching while developing professional relationships that last.  A go-getter, she is constantly networking and meeting talented designers, writers, web designers, and marketing professionals. She seeks out new clients and enjoys understanding each company’s culture and unique opportunities. Lisa’s favorite “staffing success” story is a placement that lasted a year, when it had originally been contracted for just one week.

Outside the office, Lisa is happily married and mother of two beautiful boys. She loves spending time with her family, working out, biking and swimming.

Have you had a chance to connect with Lisa? Keep an eye out for our next “Meet the Team” member!

It’s (Almost) Summertime – Where’s My Team?

Temps are rising, and we don’t mean just the degrees on your thermometer.   Leveraging temporary help during the summer months is an easy way for creative teams to stay on track (and avoid the question of “Where’s my team?”)

If you’re like most of us, the first half of the year has been a busy time. (Don’t even get us started on the fact that Memorial Day has come and gone!) Summer will soon be in full swing, meaning vacation and time away from the office for many employees.

Handling your employees’ changing schedules can be challenging; however, creative staffing firms like CM Access provide a quick and simple solution to ensure you’re fully staffed with top talent year-round.

No need to feel the summer burn trying to find temporary staff, leave it to CM Access to cherry-pick the top creative, marketing and interactive talent for your seasonal needs. We work with some of the brightest professionals in the New England area, many who are seeking contract positions as the weather heats up.  We’ll send you the candidates with the right chemistry, credentials and skills for your needs.

It’s a winning situation all around – your team stays on track with a talented creative professional on your side, and your clients continue to receive great work!

Designing an Effective Creative Team

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…” 

The old adage can be true, especially for creative teams.    Striking a balance between creativity and a business environment can be a challenge while designing and managing a team of creative professionals.

I visited a client recently, and was impressed by their team dynamics – working hard, but having some fun while doing it.  You could sense the energy and camaraderie within the group.  They worked well together as a team, but each individual played a key role with clearly defined responsibilities.  In addition, the physical workspace had great casual and comfortable spaces to collaborate, and small perks including catered Friday morning breakfasts, lunchtime foosball games, and other fun props, gave team members opportunities to blow off some steam, bond with each other and actually develop some fresh creative ideas in the process.   Seemed like a perfect balance of work and play, and a great recipe for a creative team design.

But designing an effective creative team while planning long-term management and growth strategies for a manager is not an easy feat.   Those who “get it” are successful in hiring and retaining the best individuals to work cohesively as a team while balancing their left- and right-brain skills and work habits.

And it all starts with you…

Take a close look at yourself – to honestly assess your management strengths, weaknesses and overall style.  You can’t design and manage an effective team without understanding yourself first.

The Environment – Creative teams are asked to create while under pressure to meet deadlines, meet financial restrictions in many cases, and then do it again for the next project.   Is the environment and physical space conducive to collaboration but also one that can provide individual space?   Think functionality, mobility and perhaps allowing each member to individualize their space.  In the end it needs to be conducive to being there 5 days a week.

Work Schedules – The old 9-5 schedule may not be for everyone (if it even exists at all anymore.)  Depending on your company’s policies, consider subtle shifts to schedules that accommodate staff and allow for maximum creativity while still working as an interconnected team.

Skills Development –   Organizations are seeking creative professionals across all aspects of their creative teams who can effectively communicate with peers, clients, management, vendors and who can effectively articulate their thoughts and ideas.   Encouraging the continuation of skills development – whether it’s a formal education perk your company provides or networking and  industry-related seminars — can foster a “whole-brain” environment where creatives can create while successfully managing the business objectives at hand.

Career Path – When you build a team, you need to consider long-term strategies for each individual employee, but keep in mind that not everyone wants to move up or manage or take on more responsibility.  Understanding your employees through regular communication and developing a mutual understanding of where you’d like to position them as well as where they see themselves within the organization long-term, can help you create a clear career path which is a great way to motivate while ensuring that everyone’s on the same page for success!