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Surviving the Holiday Season at Work

The holiday season has arrived…bringing with it the usual countdowns, busy work commitments and schedules, and a time to spread good cheer with colleagues and clients.  Holiday traditions at home and at work abound, and hopefully your holiday experience at work is better than something Dwight and Jim can think of!

In the spirit of the season, keep in mind that the holidays can be full of fun (as well as stress.)  So enjoy, be creative, and you’ll get through the season successfully:

  • The annual gift swap isn’t that bad – This year, plan to gracefully accept that door stopper (disguised as fruit cake), and you’re sure to have a great time swapping presents.
  • Speaking of gifts – Please choose what you give carefully.  When in doubt, keep it professional or choose a gift card that’s appropriate.   Reciprocating isn’t necessary; if you’re not into gift giving, a nice “thank you” will suffice.
  • Holiday Vacation Time – Be sure to plan well ahead of time and check with your manager or HR for holiday time off policies.   It’s a popular time of year, so you may not be the only one in your group who needs or wants time away from the office.
  • Have fun (but not too much, of course) at the office party! – Remember, it is a business event, so be sure to dress appropriately and not overindulge.

Tip #6: When presenting your graphic design portfolio, choose wisely.

Designers, the samples you choose for your graphic design portfolios and how you present them can affect whether or not you get the job.  Not only should you periodically review and change the content of your portfolio with newer and better work, it is also important to tailor it to the client, agency or employer you are interviewing with.  Even though you are focusing on specific areas relative to the job, your pieces should reflect a variety of styles and enough types of work to show that you are a well-balanced designer.  Remember to start your portfolio with your second best piece and end with your best.

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Tip #4: Arriving too early – Don’t do it!

Everyone knows the downside to arriving late to an interview, but arriving more than 10-15 minutes early is just as bad.  Hiring managers can get uncomfortable when an interviewee is lingering in the lobby.  Besides, checking in too early means you have to figure out what to do while you are waiting, a choice which is always observed and can sometimes reflect poorly on you.  Case in point is the image above.  Need I say more?

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