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The Talent War: 3 tips for employers on the hunt for top talent

As we’ve touched on recently, the landscape of the creative industry is in a constant state of motion. As jobs become available, candidates must adapt to the changing views of employers, all while employers are struggling to do the same. We have a saying around CM Access: “When you’re good, you’re gone.”

Talent wars and counter-offers are commonplace, but how  should they be navigated? Hiring is a game for both sides, and this week we’ll focus on how an employer should play it.


(credit: Mikey Burton & Mike Pierce)

  1. Don’t sit on a candidate. If they’re “perfect” for the position, they are probably perfect for a few other companies as well. If you offer a candidate the job, and they don’t respond right away, or skirt around an answer, state a deadline. Say you’re willing to give them some time, but you’ll need an answer by ____. You could lose other talented candidates by putting all your eggs in one potentially-perfect-employee basket.
  2. Be flexible. If you’re replacing a recently-departed employee, don’t pigeon-hole yourself by seeking a replacement to fill those exact shoes. Sure, you’ll still need to be able to walk in these shoes, but if you’ve lost a sneaker, don’t be afraid to consider what a sandal could do for your company. Just because a candidate hasn’t perfected one aspect of the To Hire laundry list doesn’t mean they can’t. Being more open-minded than a competing company can better your chances of winning.
  3. Give a sneak peek. Sometimes it’s hard to look past what’s right in front of your face. Sure, your company probably has a plethora of great projects, but to this candidate, the here and now is what will stick in their mind. Give them a taste of what they’d be working on, throw them a bone, and you’ll pique their interest. If they’re deciding between you and another company, it could come down to the project they’d be working on, so by golly give them a good one, eh?

Catching Up with Kristin (Pt. 1)

I recently caught up with Kristin Zwickau, our director here at CM Access, and picked her brain about hiring new employees and the state of the creative industry today.

 A quick video from Kristin! 

So, I know the topic of the moment is unemployment. What are we looking at, as far as creative jobs go? Are we in the clear yet?

You know, it seems like we’re well on our way, especially our industry here in Massachusetts. Experts claim the natural rate of unemployment won’t drop below 5.6%. That being said, the nationwide unemployment rate of 7.7% is a bit higher than the natural rate, for recession-related reasons, but Massachusetts seems to be nearing the light at the end of the tunnel, at 6.5%. Even better is that the U.S. creative industry as a whole has a 4.1% unemployment rate. Mobile and interactive, specifically, is at 0.0%. ZERO percent! 


What sort of jobs are in high demand?

The industry demand is for digital, video, and mobile jobs. Digital marketing is also an area that’s experiencing high growth, along with target/lead generation marketing. Corporations realize that in order to compete in today’s market, they have to go digital. 

I know one of the issues with creative employees is that monotony makes them antsy, so job switching is prevalent. On one hand, this provides a company with fresh talent, but sometimes adjusting to a new person can be a bit challenging. Do you see this as an issue?

No, I really don’t. Generally, creative departments have a set number of seats that are full-time employees and then a percentage of staff that are contract. This allows the company to focus on, challenge, and retain top talent, while still bringing in fresh ideas from the outside. It’s also a way for the creative director to fill his or her pipeline with viable future talent to hire full-time, should a position become available.

That being said, it is definitely in a company’s best interest to invest themselves in their employees. They say the successful manager of the future will be one that knows how to retain and attract top talent. So, it’s no longer about just getting the best people, but the challenge is in determining how to keep them interested and active in your company.

What’s the best way to do that?

It’s a cycle, and employee engagement is key. Keep your current employees satisfied by allowing them to grow while they’re working for you. Give them opportunities to socialize and learn new skills– make them feel like it’s a real give-and-take relationship from both sides. The overarching idea of having supportive management is probably the simplest way to break it down. 

Part 2 of our chat is coming up next week!

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Twelve Tips for 12/12/12

12 12 12

Unless you’re living under a rock, you know that today is a special day that won’t happen again in our lifetime!  We wanted to share a few tips that you can do to help your creative career and job search efforts in 2013…

  1. Take time to update your resume and portfolio. A current resume and portfolio show you are a savvy creative, marketing or interactive professional who is serious about your job search!
  2. Do your homework before you head to your interview. Know who you are meeting with and what the company does. You don’t start cooking without a recipe, so remember to educate yourself!
  3. What about your portfolio?  What do you want your portfolio to represent? Does it have range? Hiring managers like timeless pieces and portfolios that touch many different areas. Is your portfolio easy to navigate through?
  4. Leave the bad day behind. Remember, you can always make lemons out of lemonade. A positive candidate on an interview is one hiring managers can envision working for them, show your enthusiasm!
  5. Attend a networking event or sign up for one! In real estate it’s location, location, location. In a job search its network, network, network! Who do you know? Who do they know? Use LinkedIn to navigate through groups and connections and build relationships this way! Utilizing a staffing agency also expands your network, giving you reach to their network as well.
  6. Be sure you’re not still using those words on your LinkedIn profile and remember not to be too wordy! If you are bored reading what you did at your last job, so will a hiring manager. You’re creative, show it.
  7. Get inspired. Ask yourself where your inspiration comes from. What inspires you? Share these pictures, videos, or articles and most likely you’ll inspire others as well! Pinterest is a great outlet to showcase your inspiration and portfolio pieces.
  8. Reflect on the past twelve months – what did you like or not like about this year career wise? Want to keep freelancing or would a permanent position work better for you? Craving more room for creativity?  Think about how can you improve your career or search in 2013!
  9. Do you work with a great team?  Let them know you appreciate them (thank yous go a long way!) Make LinkedIn recommendations, call out your co-workers on Twitter. Let them feel the LOVE!
  10. Stay positive – no one likes a Debbie Downer or Bob Bummer. Positive people exude more confidence naturally!
  11. Connect with CM Access – take a minute now to LIKE us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter (and be sure to subscribe to our Blog) Why? Because we want to stay in touch and love to share industry tips, great portfolios, and even some inspiration from fabulous celebrities who are creatives themselves!
  12. Happy 12/12/12 – Don’t forget to seize the day/month/year!

Meet the Team – Jeanine Chandler

Jeanine’s no new-comer to the creative world. With eight years of print design and production placement under her belt, she expanded into interactive and marketing recruitment. She develops strong relationships with clients and talent and enjoys access to an extensive network of professionals. Jeanine’s focus at CM Access is helping to grow the creative and marketing business. She seeks out and identifies interesting opportunities for creative professionals in the New England market. Jeanine is constantly on the lookout to add skilled creative and marketing professionals to her pool of talent. To Jeanine, it is not about putting a person in a seat, it’s about finding the ideal fit for both the client and talent. She wholeheartedly believes, “The greatest success is when you see and hear our talent’s excitement in getting the role that they really wanted. That truly makes it worth it.”

It’s not just business, it’s personal… Jeanine is the mom of two girls who balances work and family time.  She enjoys reading a good book or being outside with her family.  Her ideal day would be spent at the beach!

Ready for your next great gig?  Connect with Jeanine now!