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The Talent War: 3 Tips for Job Candidates

So, hiring managers know how to navigate competition for the best candidates, but what about the hirees? What’s to be done when you’re fortunate enough to be the rope in a multiple-company tug-of-war? First things first, pat yourself on the back – this situation is not an easy feat.

1. Don’t burn any future bridges. When a company offers you a position, it’s like the business version of “I love you.” They’ve exposed themselves, they’ve said they want you, they’re just waiting for you to say it back. Even though it might seem like the interview process, a brief professional courtship, isn’t enough to form a real attachment to this company, you owe them a prompt response. If you think you’ll be hearing back from another company in a day or two, tell this company you need more time. Anything less (not responding for a few days, for example) appears unprofessional. This industry is all about networking and you never know who might be a solid resource in the future.

2. Know what you want. If both jobs sound appealing, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty. Is there a commute (will you need to buy a transit pass – more $)? How long is the commute? It seems like secondary information, but the average American spends ten hours a week commuting. If travel time is something that will make you miserable, acknowledge that. As for the job, are you willing to sacrifice a more stable work environment for contract work on a big brand’s hot project, or would you rather give up a creatively stimulating position so that you have steady benefits?  Know yourself, or be prepared to figure it out once it’s down to the wire.

Boston Commuting Time

Commuting times for the Boston area. Dark purple = 60 min. (source)

3. Don’t be afraid to leverage. You should be wary of how much information you divulge, but it can be beneficial to let a company know you either have another offer or you’re waiting to hear from another company so you can weigh your options. Be polite about it, and don’t let on that either company is your first choice. Chances are they’ll understand your need for more time. Desirable candidates are, well, desirable, and companies know it’s usually worth putting in the extra effort to nail down a new employee.

Good luck! I know you’ll make the right choice. Just play your cards right.

Catching Up With Kristin (Pt. 2)

Hmm, where’d we leave off? Oh, right. Creative industry unemployment is looking up, digital, video, and mobile jobs are in demand, and we started delving into the world of acquiring and retaining employees.

So, alright. It seems like opinions about the value of creative departments have been changing a little bit lately. Any thoughts on that?

Creative departments often look for the perfect, all-knowing candidate. A superman of creative skills, if you will. Though their intentions are in the right place, a shift is starting to occur where directors are realizing the professional value of developing the needed skills within their current employees, rather than spending excessive amounts of time seeking candidates that have all the necessary skills. They’re starting to consider the solution of maintaining a steady, solid staff, and supplementing it with more specialty-experienced contractors.

Does that mean the market of employable creatives is shifting towards contract-work?

Yeah! We’re actually finding that the recession has steered a lot of companies and creatives towards more contractual work. Since the economy has begun to recover, a little over half of all new roles have been contract roles. 40% of in-house agency Creative Directors plan to hire freelancers this year as well. Perhaps the best part is that it’s given these directors the opportunity to hire temp-to-perm. 75% of my clients grow their creative department this way.

With a decent percentage of agencies and companies competing for freelancers, what advice would you give them to ensure they’re getting the cream of the crop?

Simply put: compete. Put forth the best, most interesting work and the freelancers you attract will reflect that. Treat your contractors like a full-time member of your team, give them opportunities to develop their skills, and be honest and up front about setting expectations. Also, be open to hiring for aptitude and culture over hard and fast skills. People that are both adaptable to your company culture and capable of learning quickly will be valuable members of your team, even if they don’t fulfill your grocery list of technical skills.

We will be checking in with our lady-in-the-know regularly from now on, so stay tuned!

Jr. Web Designer

Are you a budding guru in the web production and design world? Do you have GREAT attention to detail?

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One of our South of Boston clients is looking for a Jr. Developer and Designer. You will need a sound understanding of HTML, CSS, and the Adobe Creative suite, as well as 3-5 years of experience. You will be assisting in the testing and development of their sites. Send your resume and samples to us ASAP if you think you’re right for this role!!

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Hooray for the Red, White and Blue!

july_4_fireworksWith 4th of July festivities, barbeques and our celebration of Independence Day tomorrow, career planning and your job search may be the furthest thing from your mind.  So we’re making it easy for you to put some sizzle back in your job search this week with our latest featured Hot Jobs

  • Marketing Communications Coordinator
  • Web Content Specialist

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“Is it Hot Enough for You?”…

thermometer-hotHow many times have you heard that this week?  Too many is our guess.  With summertime in full swing here in the Boston area – complete with our first heat wave of the season – you may be cooling it on your job search efforts.  If the expression, “fight fire with fire” holds true, then you’ll want to check out our latest featured Hot Jobs

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Solve Your Career Puzzle…


We loved challenging games when we were kids (and even as adults too)  but if your job search is starting to feel like an unsolvable Rubik’s Cube, then you need to check out our latest featured Hot Jobs

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And The Winner Is…

Horse Racing: 139th Kentucky Derby

With this past weekend’s speculation about who would win the Kentucky Derby, (and more importantly, how many “creative” hats would be spotted), the race that’s often referred to as “the greatest two minutes in sports,” has come and gone.

So if you’re betting on your job search to land you that sweet new creative job, it’s time to check out our latest featured Hot Jobs

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Sunny Outlook…


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Time to Shape Up…

shape upIf your career isn’t as energetic as it used to be, we have just the regime to get your job search in shape and sprinting to success in no time.  This could be the easiest get-in-shape resolution you can make, and it all starts with an energizing warm up of this week’s featured Hot Jobs…

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New Year’s Resolutions


If you spent too much time watching news about the fiscal cliff or checking out the Rose Bowl Parade, don’t worry, there’s still time to make your list for 2013!

Of course, we can’t help you get back to the gym or stop eating those leftover candies and cookies, but we can help you with one very important New Year’s resolution – your job search.  So check out latest featured Hot Jobs…

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