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New Year’s Resolution: Be More Creative (Part 1)

It might seem a bit too broad, but “Be More Creative” is a New Year’s resolution that forms a solid foundation for having a good year. And before March rolls along and we’ve all forgotten our intentions for the beginning of the year, let us give you some suggestions.

Devote Time To It

Schedule it in. Like anything else, you need to put aside time for any and all activities related to your goal in order to assure it can be done and avoid the easy excuse of not having enough time. If you make time, you’ll have time.

drink_and_draw(image credit: boston.com)

Make it a group thing.
Meet up with friends for a Drink and Draw night, have a monthly meeting where you share progress on projects, or give each other mini-assignments. Kill two birds with one stone – hang out with buds and keep yourself motivated creatively at the same time.


Use the idea of ‘Automated Directives.’ You know how they say smiling when you’re unhappy will actually change your mood for the better? Forcing yourself to create, in any capacity, every day will keep the juices flowing. Draw one thing every morning, write down three good things that happened that day before you go to bed. Kate Bingaman-Burt, an artist who drew everything she purchased for an entire year, has a great talk on the subject.

Do Something New



Take a class on Skillshare. Most are learn-at-your-own pace, project-based courses, taught by industry professionals who love what they do. They have a great range of topics to learn about, from hand lettering to building a web app, and put a great emphasis on students helping students. Major bonus: the classes are super affordable.

beehive_live_music(image credit: The Beehive)

Go to an event. Slam poetry at a bar down the street. Never been? Go. Live bluegrass on Monday nights? Do it. Watching other people do things they are passionate about is invigorating. You’ll leave the event with a creative buzz.


Get a Groupon. An inexpensive skydiving trip, a helicopter ride around the city, or even a deal on a hotel in the town you live in- all of these things can stimulate your brain, taking it out of it’s daily routine (and possibly giving you an adrenaline boost). Take advantage of the fact that Groupon sends you ideas every day for new activities you might not be drawn to, and push yourself to do them! Even a small change can spark new thought patterns and bring you some good ideas.

Plenty more where this came from. Stay tuned for more tips tomorrow!