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Talent Spotlight! – Kelly, Integrated Project Manager

Kelly_bwMotivated by challenge and highly ambitious, Kelly W. is an Integrated Project Manager who finds both strategic and tactical work satisfying. She discovered her love of digital and interactive while researching a website relaunch in her first job, and has looked forward to being a part of that evolving space ever since. In various Integrated Project Manager roles, Kelly has had a hand in everything from Print, Out-of-Home, Television, Radio, Non-Traditional (POP, R&D, Station Domination), In-Branch Merchandise & Internal Branding, Branded Campaigns and Conceptual Projects. She thrives in a team that is enthusiastic and driven towards success.

Jeanine Chandler, Lead Career Advocate, knows she can rely on Kelly to get the job done and recommends her to all of CM Access’s clients. Kelly recently completed a CMA assignment as an Interactive Project Manager for a travel and lifestyle marketing agency that works with premier brands. Detail oriented and personable, she managed web banners, helped with digital resourcing, kept the team on track with deadlines and priority changes, garnered client feedback and conceived, developed and delivered a dynamic status Filemaker database for resource tracking. Jeanine received excellent feedback on Kelly’s work.

Kelly finds freelance and project based work very satisfying, as it allows opportunities to grow her skill set while providing flexibility. She’s looking to make a contribution to an assignment that is both strategic and tactical. Are you ready to benefit from Kelly’s project management skills? Give CM Access a call today: 800-330-4110.

Talent Spotlight! – Dynamite Graphic Designer Dominique

Translating clients’ ideas into positive reflections of their identity, products and goals is Dominique’s passion. A seasoned design professional with 10 years of experience, creativity is a strong factor behind her impressive design, but it’s not the only one. Dominique is driven by attention to detail, brand consistency and timeliness. A true creative, her thoughts stray outside the box as she easily switches gears and explores different directions.

Dominique is meticulous and comes highly recommended, with experience at both large corporations and agencies. She’s worked with CM Access for two years and is finishing up a long term contract with a large retail pharmacy and healthcare corporation as a Packaging Production Designer. She’s honed her concepting, design and production skills for various signage and large format window graphics. Previously, she hit the ground running at an international branded play company which targets children and families through a wide-range of immersive entertainment offerings. She created design, layout and production of style guides and brand standards for a number of well known children’s toys. Her agency experience focused on retail design consultancy, where her environmental design skills were strengthened while working directly with architects to structure pathways, design fabric structures and large, formal graphics that were displayed throughout a bank.

Always eager to flex her design muscles, Dominique enjoys projects that blend her specialized skills in branding and identity, environmental design, retail point of sale and multiple graphic design disciplines. She would love to take on a role outside her comfort zone that also allows the opportunity to positively impact and improve clients’ business through her design expertise.

In addition to her full-time work, Dominique runs a multifaceted graphic design and gift boutique service. Launched in 2008, she is the sole designer of the website, packaging and logo. She offers personalized gifts including invitations, greeting cards and ornaments.

Dominique’s favorite personal accomplishment was designing a winning greeting card for the Massachusetts non-profit Project Bread’s holiday card contest. Out of thousands of submissions, her design was one of four chosen to be sold at Whole Foods during the 2009 holiday season. A portion of the sales were donated to benefit Project Bread, a charity Dominique is passionate about.

To discuss how a talented designer like Dominique can benefit your business, give CM Access Career Advocate Lisa Manning a call today at 800-330-4110. Have you seen all our  featured talent? Interested in being featured?

Check out samples from Dominique’s portfolio!

Designed fabric structures, screens, formal graphics, retail pathway.

Carton illustration, layout and production.

Greeting card design mock-up for Whole Foods to benefit Project Bread.

It’s a Brand New Season for Your Career…

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Designing an Effective Creative Team

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…” 

The old adage can be true, especially for creative teams.    Striking a balance between creativity and a business environment can be a challenge while designing and managing a team of creative professionals.

I visited a client recently, and was impressed by their team dynamics – working hard, but having some fun while doing it.  You could sense the energy and camaraderie within the group.  They worked well together as a team, but each individual played a key role with clearly defined responsibilities.  In addition, the physical workspace had great casual and comfortable spaces to collaborate, and small perks including catered Friday morning breakfasts, lunchtime foosball games, and other fun props, gave team members opportunities to blow off some steam, bond with each other and actually develop some fresh creative ideas in the process.   Seemed like a perfect balance of work and play, and a great recipe for a creative team design.

But designing an effective creative team while planning long-term management and growth strategies for a manager is not an easy feat.   Those who “get it” are successful in hiring and retaining the best individuals to work cohesively as a team while balancing their left- and right-brain skills and work habits.

And it all starts with you…

Take a close look at yourself – to honestly assess your management strengths, weaknesses and overall style.  You can’t design and manage an effective team without understanding yourself first.

The Environment – Creative teams are asked to create while under pressure to meet deadlines, meet financial restrictions in many cases, and then do it again for the next project.   Is the environment and physical space conducive to collaboration but also one that can provide individual space?   Think functionality, mobility and perhaps allowing each member to individualize their space.  In the end it needs to be conducive to being there 5 days a week.

Work Schedules – The old 9-5 schedule may not be for everyone (if it even exists at all anymore.)  Depending on your company’s policies, consider subtle shifts to schedules that accommodate staff and allow for maximum creativity while still working as an interconnected team.

Skills Development –   Organizations are seeking creative professionals across all aspects of their creative teams who can effectively communicate with peers, clients, management, vendors and who can effectively articulate their thoughts and ideas.   Encouraging the continuation of skills development – whether it’s a formal education perk your company provides or networking and  industry-related seminars — can foster a “whole-brain” environment where creatives can create while successfully managing the business objectives at hand.

Career Path – When you build a team, you need to consider long-term strategies for each individual employee, but keep in mind that not everyone wants to move up or manage or take on more responsibility.  Understanding your employees through regular communication and developing a mutual understanding of where you’d like to position them as well as where they see themselves within the organization long-term, can help you create a clear career path which is a great way to motivate while ensuring that everyone’s on the same page for success!

Rainy Days and Mondays…

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Tip #10 – Keeping Your Team Motivated

Congratulations!  You’ve hired a new marketing, creative or interactive team member!  They’re up and running, but how do you keep your new hire and your existing team motivated?  If you take a lesson from Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada, then you’ll know that bullying your staff and barking out unclear orders are not the best ways to inspire your team.

In order for your team to actually be creative, they need to stay motivated.  Sounds simple enough right?  But it can be a challenge so try to remember that as a manager it’s important that you…

  • Take the time to define your management style – You can’t inspire a team if you don’t understand how to effectively manage.
  • Get to know each team member and their work style – A team is a team, but it’s comprised of individuals. Don’t lose sight of that.
  • Communicate efficiently – Knowing that communication is key and providing a clear vision can keep your team productive.
  • Invest in your team – They need to understand their role in your company’s initiatives and how they are essential to your organization’s success.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Devil Wears Prada series and that our tips have provided you some food for thought.

Keep in mind that you’re not alone; we’re here for you (and we won’t throw our coats at you!)  Our staffing professionals work with managers every day to provide guidance and insight into hiring and retention practices.

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#1 – The First Step to Hiring Your “Emily” – Writing the Job Description

Putting a job description together seems simple enough, right?  But if not fashioned precisely, you may find yourself buried waist deep with resumes from candidates that don’t hit the mark, especially in this economy.  Thus, the first step is crucial in communicating to prospective candidates exactly what you’re looking for.  (And keep in mind that must-have skills usually don’t include picking up your dry cleaning and walking your dog!)

A great way to approach the job description is to think of it as a “reverse resume.”  This will help you organize the skills you’re seeking to provide a snapshot of the responsibilities and tasks the job entails.

Last but not least, it’s always a clever idea to review the description with your manager and other team members to be sure you haven’t missed anything.

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Devilishly Useful Hiring Tips for Creative Managers…

Hiring and managing creative staff is not always easy, and Meryl Streep’s character (Miranda Priestly) in The Devil Wears Prada epitomizes how not to act.  Based on real life Vogue editor Anna Wintour, Priestly is the queen of mean who turns the most hard-hearted of employees to jelly.  So courtesy of this unrelenting, power-loving editor, we’ll provide some insights on interacting with candidates and keeping your team motivated.  After all, in hiring practices and team building, “the devil is in the details”.

So throw your coat across the room, and stay tuned for the next two weeks (and don’t forget the Starbucks coffee…”piping hot!”)

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Time for a New Career?

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