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Talent Spotlight! Meet Alissa, CM Access’s February Featured Talent

Savvy and in the know, Alissa P. may be new to the CMAccess candidate list but she has a wealth of knowledge that will help build any company’s e-commerce enterprises.

 Alissa recently ended a 10 year career as senior art director with a major clothing line’s website. Her careful attention to details helped to develop homepages, online advertising and marketing, mobile sites and social networks for the company. Managing e-commerce design teams in two locations, Alissa utilized CMAccess to fill contract positions. Seeing first hand the quality designers that CMAccess supplied and having built a relationship with their team, Alissa knew she wanted the group to help with her job search.

Her dream position would be in a smaller company where Alissa can really participate in many different areas including designing — print or online she enjoys it all. Alissa would love to bring her 20 years of experience to help take a company to the next level, while acting as a mentor to new designers.

When she’s not working, Alissa relaxes through horseback riding. Though she has been competitive in her past —she began riding at 8-years-old — Alissa enjoys the sport recreationally these days.

Her attention to details and ability to focus on the task at hand makes Alissa our top talent for the month.

2012 Job Predictions

As we wrap up our 2012 Predictions Series, we’re sharing great news – creative, marketing and interactive jobs are expected to grow this year.

It’s no secret that the job market has changed due to economic challenges.  As brands and companies fight to gain market share, the demand for marketing skills has become more crucial than ever.

This highly-competitive landscape paired with our 24/7 information-laden society is a combination that has driven certain positions to rise to the top.

After closely watching trends emerge in 2011, we predict that certain positions in particular will gain more popularity in 2012 including…

  • Mobile Designers – As we’ve said before, mobile markets are hot!  Basically everyone has a mobile device in hand, so as the use of mobile devices increase, so does the demand for mobile designers and marketers.
  • SEO/SEM Specialists – The ability to optimize an organization’s web presence and strategies is more critical than ever.
  • UX Design – Online interaction isn’t going away, and demand for UX Design positions will be high.  Effectively creating positive online and digital experiences will play a major role in a company’s creative team and overall success.
  • Entry-Level Marketing –Good news for recent grads (unless you’re trying to convince your parents to foot the bill for a cross-country trip or a ski-bum lifestyle for awhile) 2012 is predicted to be a better job market not just for experienced positions but also for entry-level positions.
  • Marketing Positions (with Healthcare Experience) – Marketing expertise relative to the healthcare market will be crucial to helping hospitals and the healthcare industry in general to stay in the game in this highly-competitive landscape.

 Miss Part Two?

2012 Predictions – Skills for 2012 and Beyond

Part Two of Our Three-Part Series…

In 2011, we saw trends emerge in regards to what hiring companies were seeking in their candidates and employees.

According to CMAccess Director Kristin Zwickau, “We were seeing requirements for not only core creative and design skills but also the need for those skills to be coupled with strong business acumen.”

This combination of “left-brain/right-brain” skills were 2011’s “nice to haves,” which we predict will become 2012’s “must haves.”

Right Brain…

  • Web Design – Graphic designers need to have a basic understanding of web design including HTML, CSS and overall web design standards.
  • Social Media Marketing – Not only is this essential to promote yourself and your brand, but also your employer’s.  Social media is here to stay and is being utilized more now than ever.  If you’re not into Tweeting, then you may be viewed as someone who isn’t willing to grow or change.
  •  Mobile – If you haven’t heard, mobile is a pretty big thing.  Whether you’re designing a website, email, or application, understanding mobile design is essential for communicating in our mobile society.
  • Print – Print isn’t dead, my friends.  Clients still have the need for creative talent who understand the print side of design and production.


  • Time Management – 2012 is the time to refine your processes to ensure you’re working in the most effective way and managing your time for greater efficiency.
  • Communication – Communication is vital to any career.  If you can’t communicate effectively, you will not be the first choice for the position.  Communication not only helps you land that dream role, but will enable you to be successful once it’s yours.  The ability to articulate your creative ideas and concepts both to peers and clients is crucial to your success.
  • Networking – In person and via social media, networking is key.  Keep in touch with industry associations and groups for upcoming networking events or take advantage of social media to create your own informal networking events with peers and colleagues.
  • Adaptability  – Some organizations have reorganized their teams and open positions may often call for someone to take on a hybrid or dual role. Employers are looking for talent who can adapt to their changing team landscape.

Take a few moments to see if your skills are 2012 market-ready, and if not, there’s still time to take action.  (You can thank us later!)

Stay Tuned for Our Final Installment – “Job Predictions for 2012”

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Don’t Get Lost in the Job Search Maze…

Nothing like Fall in New England — a great time of year for pumpkin patches, corn mazes and finding a great career opportunity.

Feeling lost?…We can help you find your way to a new career with our featured Hot Jobs including…

To learn more about this week’s featured jobs as well as other career opportunities in creative, marketing and interactive roles, simply give us a call!

Help Wanted: Mobile Marketers

The mobile application world is exploding.  More and more users are turning to smartphones and tablets to consume content, whether on the go or on the couch.  As a result, companies’ mobile marketing budgets have increased and will continue to rise. 

“If your site is not optimized for mobile, your customers will go to your competitors.  Consumers do not have the patience to wait on bad experiences.”

– Deborah Hall, Mobile Commerce Outlook 2011

Consequently, if you are a creative, marketing or interactive professional who lacks mobile-savvy, you can be sure a prospective company will turn to a candidate who is well equipped in the arena of smartphones and mobile applications.  All areas of digital marketing including social media, blogging, web and email marketing, and advertising are becoming mobile friendly.  In fact, more companies are designing specifically for the mobile user, while those who aren’t are beginning realize they should.

A true creative professional is always in the process of learning and adapting in order to stay on top of modern technology.  With that being said, we’ve listed a few resources and articles to help you become the mobile marketing guru we know you are!

Mobile-Related Articles and Reading

Mobility & the Work-Life Balance: Becoming a Smartphone Worker

I look at my Blackberry as an extension of my hand.  How did I ever live without my mobile friend?  Waking up to its alarm allowing me to get an early start on the day (I can check emails even in those bleary-eyed hours of the morning), maybe a little online shopping at lunch, Tweeting on the latest jobs, leveraging social media and networking on LinkedIn and Facebook, and following me out to dinner and back home again for one last check to end the day to be sure I didn’t miss anything.

Great to have, but occasionally I’d like to throw it out the window!  Like all good things, learning how to effectively manage and leverage mobility to enhance our professional lives is key.

Recently I asked a friend who finally succumbed to purchasing her first smartphone what she loved about it.  “Being able to stay connected with work, family and clients all the time!” she replied.

Thanks to our mobile devices we have the ability to always stay connected to our professional and personal lives.  In essence, we are “mobile-workers” truly striking the work-life balance.  Genius!

A few months later, I asked her the same question. “Being able to stay connected with work, family and clients ALL THE TIME!”

So does the ability to balance turn into a precarious juggling act?   Recent studies show that many are finding it hard to turn it off or understand when and where it’s appropriate.  The downside of mobility is the abuse of it and not focusing on work while you’re at your job can be a problem.

Here are some tips on how to use mobility to become a smartphone worker – regardless of where you are in your career:

  • The Job Seeker – Mobility enables you to stay connected and gain a competitive edge in the job search with the ability to tap into networking and social media resources easily and frequently, peruse the latest job opportunities, research companies, communicate with potential employers and manage interview schedules.
  • The Employee – Once landing the job, use mobility to more effectively communicate with your employer and have real-time collaboration with your team and clients anytime, anywhere.
  •  The Manager -While managing a team, use mobility to efficiently communicate with employees, manage projects and stay in touch with clients and vendors.  The positives of mobility can be a boon for creative managers and their teams.   However, keep in mind that it’s your job to let your employees know what is expected of them and what they can and cannot do with their mobile devices in the workplace.

As long as you’re “smart” about it, mobility can enhance your job search and career while helping  you strike the perfect work-life balance.