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Hiring Lessons From Kim Kardashian

Sadly Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries couldn’t make their marriage last longer than 72 days. After spending about $10 million on their wedding, what can we learn from this celebrity couple?

Since we specialize in staffing creative professionals, let’s compare Kim’s wedding/divorce mishap to hiring a new employee.

First, think about sourcing and recruiting costs. If you’re the DIY type of HR department, factor in the average time spent sourcing candidates, reviewing resumes and portfolios, the cost of ads and career fairs and the time spent on phone and personal interviews. Just like dating, it can be expensive and often you may find there aren’t many options to choose from. But finally, you find your dream UX Designer and it seems like they would be a great fit!

You offer that candidate the job and they accept! Now you have to cover the salary costs, benefits and taxes.

72 days later, intuition tells you things just aren’t working out with that new employee. It will cost your organization between two and three times that person’s salary to replace them. Just like a divorce, the cost of a bad hire is expensive and nobody likes going through the break up.

Before you think about tying the knot with a prospective employee, take some time to consider how to design an effective creative team. Defining the requirements of the position is key to hiring the right person. Refresh yourself on useful hiring tips for creative managers.

It’s a shame that all those wedding presents will probably need to be returned. Save yourself the humiliation of firing an employee 72 days later and do the legwork first or give us a call at 800-330-4110 and we’ll help you hire the right creative talent.