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Ready to Join a New Team?


Well, it’s been quite a week so far in Boston sports! So it got us thinking…are you ready for a new career and the opportunity to work with a new team?  Then it’s time to check out our latest featured Hot Jobs

Connect with us today, for some “coaching” by our career advocates to give your career the winning season it deserves!

It’s (Almost) Summertime – Where’s My Team?

Temps are rising, and we don’t mean just the degrees on your thermometer.   Leveraging temporary help during the summer months is an easy way for creative teams to stay on track (and avoid the question of “Where’s my team?”)

If you’re like most of us, the first half of the year has been a busy time. (Don’t even get us started on the fact that Memorial Day has come and gone!) Summer will soon be in full swing, meaning vacation and time away from the office for many employees.

Handling your employees’ changing schedules can be challenging; however, creative staffing firms like CM Access provide a quick and simple solution to ensure you’re fully staffed with top talent year-round.

No need to feel the summer burn trying to find temporary staff, leave it to CM Access to cherry-pick the top creative, marketing and interactive talent for your seasonal needs. We work with some of the brightest professionals in the New England area, many who are seeking contract positions as the weather heats up.  We’ll send you the candidates with the right chemistry, credentials and skills for your needs.

It’s a winning situation all around – your team stays on track with a talented creative professional on your side, and your clients continue to receive great work!

“Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation” It’s as Simple as X, Y, Z

According to Time Magazine, “With 85 million baby boomers and 50 million Gen Xers, there is already a yawning generation gap among American workers–particularly in their ideas of work-life balance. For baby boomers, it’s the juggling act between job and family. For Gen X, it means moving in and out of the workforce to accommodate kids and outside interests. Now along come the 76 million members of Generation Y. For these new 20-something workers, the line between work and home doesn’t really exist. They just want to spend their time in meaningful and useful ways, no matter where they are.”

The generation gap…whether real or perceived, can be a hotly debated topic. Are these letters and the years we were born a way of labeling us, or are there some truths to the nuances and different “behaviors”of each generation?

After researching the subject, we found many interesting articles discussing the different work habits, career choices and inter-relationships of different generations.  One of our favorite reads, Bruce Tulgen’s Newsletter dedicated a whole series to the subject.

Fun to think about and discuss…but in the workplace, age (and ageism) is something that’s a sensitive topic as well (and hopefully never crosses the line into discrimination.)  From the job search to long-term career planning, age and the generational “gap” can be a precarious subject.

For example:

  • The Silent Generation – Some from this generation are continuing to thrive in the workplace. This generation endured two world wars and for some, the Great Depression, so they’ve seen and done a lot and want to be respected for their experience, value, hard work, and authority.
  • Boomers, by far the biggest generation, currently comprise the largest percentage of upper management and most experienced members of the workplace.  Boomers may be thinking of retirement, but with everything that’s transpired with losses to their portfolios or lack of financial planning, they may need (and want) to stay active in the workplace longer.  (They’re not going to “fade away” just yet!)
  • Members of Gen X may be waiting for those higher-level positions to open up, but are delayed because of the Silent Gen and Boomers working longer.  Often considered the “latch-key” generation, Gen X’ers are often bored easily but learn quickly.  Savvy managers will see the value in keeping them motivated with on-going training.
  • Gen Y is very technology savvy and is seeking the work-life balance and believes they are entitled to the “good life.”  They are much more collaborative than their counterparts of the other generations.

Keep in mind that these “differences” mean everyone has something positive to bring to the team, and remembering, first and foremost, that each person you hire and manage is an individual is essential.

Whether a Silent, Boomer, an X, Y, (and don’t forget about the Z’s who will graduate in a few years), understanding the nuances of each team member and using that knowledge to effectively motivate them as a multi-generational team will result in having employees who are happy in their careers, and will work well together while bringing their own unique traits and strengths into the mix.

Have you “Hugged” your Creative Today?

Well, not literally…But as a manager of a creative team, nurturing your staff is vital, and it can be easy to lose sight of that, especially when deadlines are looming.

We all have those days/weeks/months where it’s incredibly busy, a bit stressful, and you’re focused on just getting your project(s) done.   It’s important to take the time to connect with your team and make them feel appreciated.   You know how to motivate your staff better than anyone – whether it’s lattes, stress balls or Nerf guns.

Managing creatives is a bit of an oxymoron…people who are creative tend to be intelligent, independent and have strong opinions of how to manage a project. They are passionate about their ideas and that is a good thing as they’ve chosen a creative career. But keep in mind that creativity can be hindered in the wrong environment and once the passion dies, your team may just be going through the motions.

So when your team is being asked to create, pour their heart and soul into a project and then do it again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next, take time to interact on the human level and keep your team engaged and motivated.

So appreciate your creatives – and they’ll appreciate you!