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Talent Spotlight! – Self Motivated Designer with an Unquenchable Thirst for Knowledge

Pete is an interactive and user interface designer who is as complex as his designs. With a background in architecture, design and even finance, he’s a big picture guy who enjoys using design to solve problems and improve lives. His projects have ranged from creative direction and design for a suite of financial market trading systems to an animated :30 spot for a transportation client that aired on the 1,200 square-foot Panasonic AstroVision screen inTimes Square.

Pete embraces the opportunity to create, contribute, and to continually push the envelope in his work. He stays grounded and understands the importance of the human element behind each project, “Because, after all, this stuff is designed for other people to use, to help improve their lives, to solve problems. And the more I know about why people do what they do, the better I can do what I do.”

Sample from Pete's portfolio

A highly sought after designer with an impressive resume, Pete specializes in user interface design, information design, information architecture and user flow and website design, all with a distinctly branded slant to it. He prefers being a consultant and finds that working on only one project at a time can get stale. He enjoys that smaller clients often lend the freedom to look at more pieces of the pie, enabling him to see the big picture, while larger clients frequently offer innovative, cutting-edge projects. After CM Access Lead Career Advocate Jamie met Pete at a networking event, he was eager to see the clients and projects she could offer him. Pete’s latest assignment with CM Access was designing prototypes for a mobile application for retailers that push deals to users.

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Talent Spotlight! Meet Alissa, CM Access’s February Featured Talent

Savvy and in the know, Alissa P. may be new to the CMAccess candidate list but she has a wealth of knowledge that will help build any company’s e-commerce enterprises.

 Alissa recently ended a 10 year career as senior art director with a major clothing line’s website. Her careful attention to details helped to develop homepages, online advertising and marketing, mobile sites and social networks for the company. Managing e-commerce design teams in two locations, Alissa utilized CMAccess to fill contract positions. Seeing first hand the quality designers that CMAccess supplied and having built a relationship with their team, Alissa knew she wanted the group to help with her job search.

Her dream position would be in a smaller company where Alissa can really participate in many different areas including designing — print or online she enjoys it all. Alissa would love to bring her 20 years of experience to help take a company to the next level, while acting as a mentor to new designers.

When she’s not working, Alissa relaxes through horseback riding. Though she has been competitive in her past —she began riding at 8-years-old — Alissa enjoys the sport recreationally these days.

Her attention to details and ability to focus on the task at hand makes Alissa our top talent for the month.

How Your Career Can Be More Like Betty White’s

If anyone knows how to have a successful career, it’s Betty White.  She’s recently celebrated her 90th birthday, works in a field she loves and still has job offers coming in.

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Is Your Career Ready for the Red Carpet?

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A Workout Program You’ll Love!

We know that January is a time to get in shape and a perfect time to use the new gym membership (or dust off the treadmill you’ve been using to dry laundry.)

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Shopping for a New Career?

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It’s Tuesday…Do You Know Where Your Career Is?

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Hot Jobs for the Dog Days of Summer…

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