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Talent Spotlight! – Joan, Interactive Designer

Who is at home with all things digital, leads the web department of a freelance studio and rocks out with bands in Germany, the US and Costa Rica? Joan, the latest professional in the CM Access spotlight.

Joan, Interactive Designer

Joan is passionate about everything digital. He’s experienced helping clients’ discover their online identity, enhancing their presence and coding websites and emails. Joan is currently on assignment with CM Access as an HTML Email Coder at Constant Contact. He loves to put his creative skills to the test, starting projects from scratch, carefully creating branding for his clients. From the logo through the full range of marketing collateral – brochures, business cards, website design, coding and programming, and finally the launch of the website – he enjoys the entire process and utilizing all the talents in his creative tool box.

When Joan isn’t producing winning projects, he’s touring with his band in Europe and visiting his native home of Costa Rica. He’s made a home for himself based in Boston recently, wowing clients across the country with his creative designs. He enjoys dividing his time between design and music, and is grateful for the flexibility that contract work offers.

Joan’s ideal project would integrate WordPress and custom design. Joan believes in providing clients a simple solution for website development: a user-friendly WordPress platform paired with original custom artwork, connected to social media and mobile devices so clients can take control of their website content.

Interested in an interactive whiz like Joan? Give CM Access a call today: 800-330-4110.

Joan’s portfolio samples:

Mango Surf Shop

http://www.mangosurfshop.com: Website development – design & coding.


http://www.velvetartists.com: Website development – design & coding.


http://www.nize-agency.com: Website development – design & coding.

www.davestejna.com: Website development - design & coding.

http://www.davestejna.com: Website development – design & coding.

Just Pin It!

There’s lots of buzz and “Pinteresting” articles circulating lately, about well, you guessed it – Pinterest.  From influencing and changing web design to being an effective SEO tool, Pinterest is getting lots of attention.

Pinterest can be a valuable tool for the creative professional, providing great design and visual storytelling, it’s changing the way we interact with our clients and the direction of content marketing.

  • Inspiration – Tripwire Magazine’s recent article, “40+ Interesting Pinterest Boards for Designers,” reveals that Pinterest can be a source of overflowing inspiration.  You’re bound to find a board that piques your creative drive, with categories ranging from typography and web design to product and packaging designs. You can even check out a board on tutorials!
  • SEO – From linking back to your site and enhancing keyword strategy, are you taking advantage of the SEO benefits Pinterest can offer? Ragan’s PR Daily outlines “7 Ways Pinterest Can Boost Your SEO.”
  • Brands – Depending on the type of business you’re in, Pinterest may be a tool to strengthen brand recognition and tie your presence together across social platforms.  So far, Pinterest’s audience is largely women, so keep that mind when evaluating whether your business would benefit from a presence. The Washington Post also has a few tips on “How You Can Make Pinterest Work for Your Small Business.”
  • Web Design – Pinterest is influencing trends in web design and driving some firms to rethink the appearance and functionality of their websites. Check out a cut to the chase article from Web Developer Juice on “3 Ways Pinterest is Changing Website Design.”

Pinterest is the new kid on the block, and as creatives, we should be ahead of the curve – Are you pinning?